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Seamlessly Fluid User Experience
  • Attractive UI
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  • Superior Performance
  • Easy Integration
  • Advance Analytics
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We have expert developers and designers to give you this flawless virtual jewellery trial online at your comfort with extreme ease.



  • Image Editing

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  • Capture attention on Airports/Malls
  • Add life to your offline Campaigns
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How JewelTry works

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    Be comfortable and let the entirety of your face be visible in the screen and wait for a second till the magic happens.

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    While you wait, your image is processed and analyzed for your neckline and ears and is identified such as these points int the image to your left.

  • 3

    Now reap the fruits of your patience and enjoy the live mirror-like experience of virtual jewellery trial.

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Augmented Reality for Jewellery Retail towards a promising 2022

  Augmented reality (AR), a technology based on enhancing the real-world environment with computer-generated elements, is quickly gaining traction across many industries, including jewellery retail.

26 - Nov - 2021
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Drive your business via video call

Plush jewellery brands like Tanishq and Kalyan Jewellers have already hopped on the video calling bandwagon.

Plushvie is offering real-time & smooth jewellery try-on experience online through AR VR technology. It is highly recommended for jewellery retailers. Plushvie wants to bring change in the jewellery market with Augmented reality. Bringing jewellers to the digital platform and helping them to adopt virtual jewellery is a dream of Plushvie.
Our product, JewelTRY, gives a tremendous experience to jewellery buyers. They can try beautiful designs of jewellery virtually and select the best one that suits them the most.
Augmented reality solves these problems to a great extent. Just like you can try jewellery before buying in stores, JewelTRY provides the benefit of trying before buying online jewellery. Jewellery selling is all about attracting consumers and invoking desires in them to purchase, which is only possible when they try different designs, colours and products.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new normal and when we talk particularly about the Jewelry market, JewelTRY has already hit the market. JewelTRY is made by using Artificial Intelligence in which you can try jewellery by just sitting at home.
Plushvie can help you sell jewellery online through your e-commerce website and your in-store experience to boost your client conversion ratio. If you are searching to increase the website conversion ratio or willing to increase footfalls in your store, JewelTRY is the solution that can help you boost your revenue.
JewelTRY is BEST AR TryOn service provider in India that will help retail brands to sell jewellery online to their customers. We provide seamless website integration with TryON to make it more engaging. With JewelTRY, jewellers can now sell diamond jewellery globally. It also increases cross border sales of precious gems and jewellery. Jewellers can also upload various types of jewellery: Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, Gemstone Jewellery, Artificial Jewellery and many more to leverage the “TRY BEFORE BUY” functionality of our technology.
Plushvie serves the global GEMS AND JEWELLERY INDUSTRY in order to grow the market in double digit. Our clients are using JewelTRY to grow e-commerce revenue. With this, they now are able to convert visitors into paying customers. We are India’s best virtual jewellery tryon service provider with a great presence in the majority part of the world including USA, Singapore, Dubai, England, Russia, Brazil, Italy and many more.
Augmented Reality has found a strong foothold in jewellery retail across the world. Businesses are using this technology to provide a new level of interaction between the customers and their products, either online or in-store. Augmented reality provides the shoppers with instant product information so that the consumers can compare products with other retailers using their smartphones, which allows them to shop jewellery online with ease.
A virtual try-on makes a huge difference in the overall shopping or purchasing experience of the end-users. It can be an in-store or customised mobile application, augmented reality provides the consumer with a realistic and personalised experience. Consumers can now try an infinite number of jewellery and other products no matter where they are at that moment and make the right choice. Virtual try-on is a personalized affair thus it should present realistic products and also it is easy to use for end-users. It detects facial points and tracks the face in real-time. This also keeps the jewellery product augmented even when the user turns their head. Augmented reality & virtual try-on has huge potential in the coming years. It will allow many businesses to leverage their brand through augmented reality. Also, by creating a personalised experience, consumer satisfaction increases with each purchase & which helps brands increase their clientele.