5 Best Plugins for E-commerce Business

Posted by Marketing 26/11/2021 0 Comment(s)

Starting an e-commerce website can be overwhelming. Apart from basic ecommerce features, you might also need a few other tools to grow your conversions, improve your user experience and manage your customer relationships.However, with more and more ecommerce website builders appearing on the market, you may find it hard to pick the best option for your business.

To save you the trouble, we are recommending 5 plugins that have worked best for us.


1. ImageKit 

Improving WordPress theme’s performance requires a lot of work and time. And that’s why, we suggest you to try the ImageKit plugin, which is an image compressor as well as a CDN (Content Delivery Network)  for images. It’s easier in comparison to other image compression plugins, as you load the images from the Imagekit server. However, it’s easily one of the best tools as it offers seamless integration & good performance with affordable pricing.. Though dashboard and analytics could be complex for some users, ImageKit gives opportunity for real time manipulation and optimization.. 

ImageKit also provides features like,

  • Intuitive dashboards with various customisation options.

  • You get to see the stats for the changes you have made.

You can even control where and how the images are displayed.


2. Wizzy.ai

Willing to grow your sales and retain your buyers? Then Wizzy.ai is your must have plugin. It is an enterprise grade AI-Powered eCommerce smart search engine. Wizzy is a NLP (Natural language processing) enabled search which recognizes the user's intent and helps them to run down your store's products rapidly.

Wizzy replaces the default Magento Search with the following features.

  • Spell Check & Correction

  • Self Learning & NLP Enabled Search

  • Smart Autocomplete

  • Synonyms

  • 360° Analytics

  • SEO Friendly

  • Mobile Friendly



 3. Hubspot Chat 

Engaging your customers, clearing their doubts, Interacting with them is very important for any e-commerce business. HubSpot provides a conversation tool, where you and your team can view, manage, and reply to incoming messages from multiple mediums. You can sort the messages sent via email address, Facebook, or your website in one combined inbox. Moreover, you can track your visitor’s experience with your business, by creating a ticket from each conversation.

You can even generate multiple inboxes for different teams that are using HubSpot. For instance, you can create a customer support inbox for your support team to manage incoming requests and a sales inbox to manage inquiries about pricing and packaging.



4.  Razorpay 

To operate a fully functional ecommerce website, you need to be able to accept payments from your customers. Your entire business revolves around getting paid. What if we tell you that you can start your payment method instantly, with no coding and an easy to set up configuration. If this intrigues you then, Razorpay is highly recommended for you.

Razorpay Payment Button plugin is a one-stop solution to collect one-time and recurring payments on your WordPress website with a single plugin. It allows you to create a button with pre-made templates and multiple customisations.

Start accepting one time and recurring payments on your website with Razorpay. Set up one or multiple payment plans according to your business model. Provide your customers 100+ payment modes(UPI, NEFT, Cards, Wallets, and more) via a single WordPress payment plugin.


5. PlushMeet

PlushMeet is a video shopping platform powered by AR (augmented reality) that lets consumers try on themselves before they make an actual purchase.

Through PlushMeet, shoppers can augment jewellery inside the video call itself & make an informed decision. Associates can use video calls to showcase full information about a particular product in real-time. 

The jewellery retailers can book online video calling slots with their customers. When the customer joins, the jeweller can ask the buyer to augment different jewellery pieces on themselves before making an actual purchase. The buyer can Resize the jewellery, Adjust the jewellery as per their needs, Capture beautiful pictures & lastly Chat with the jewellery in the ongoing video call. All of these things are possible on just a simple click inside the video call.

Plush Meet can be effectively utilized for many industries such as Eyewear, Makeup, Lipstick & Jewellery. This innovation can help the exponential growth of the retail business in India.