How to do jewellery photography for Augmented Reality

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Jewellery photography is about presenting the most intricate details of the products in an extremely attractive manner. Jewellery photography is a tedious process because the gems that are present are highly reflective and the stones don’t appear as vibrant and realistic in photos as they do in reality. Ever since E-Commerce came into the spotlight, businesses started working on increasing their online presence. Jewellery photography came into the picture as it helps create an authentic image of the brand, which is why jewellery photography is a sensitive part of presenting your brand to potential customers. 

In modern times, there is an emphasis on the use of top-notch technology to provide an exceptional experience to the user that resembles the real-world experience. The incorporation of Augmented Reality in the jewellery industry is a concept that is growing at an increasing rate. Augmented Reality offers the users a dynamic experience of jewellery try on with the help of unprecedented AR applications.


Now for AR, photography is a must because without that providing AR user experience seems impossible. The photograph of a virtual product should be highly realistic and presented in such a way that the potential customers are enticed just by taking a glance at the product. Virtual photography has become inevitable due to the emergence of technology in every field. 

Shoppers expect multiple images per product they’re browsing through. However, meeting those expectations is an expensive and time-consuming process. On the other hand, virtual product photography costs incredibly less compared to traditional product photography. According to a source, the majority of e-commerce shoppers possess a smartphone; 79 % of people who work with smartphones on a daily basis have done online shopping using their smartphones in the past 6 months. Shoppers rely heavily on the swiftness of the e-commerce website when they’re trying to buy something. They’re attracted by the visuals the website presents rather than the description of the product. Visuals help the business to appeal to its potential customers in an effective way.


Also, customization is important considering the number of competitors you have and the options the customer has to choose from. By constructing an experience that satisfies the buyers’ needs, you seduce the customer to stay on your site and not look for other similar sites. Better visuals increase the chance that the customer goes for your product. Plus, adding a 360-degree product view can help your customers to have a look at the product from all angles and make a better and informed decision.


You can take exceptional photos of jewellery for Augmented Reality with the help of the following steps:-

-First and foremost, you have to choose the right camera so that you can easily make alterations and make the product appear in such a way that the customer is convinced to buy it.

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-Jewellery should be placed on the right surface; it should be plain white or a reflective surface and you should focus on the key attributes of the jewellery.

(Source: Ortery)

-Lighting setup is an integral part of jewellery photography because of its importance in presenting your product in a charming way on your website. 


- Maintaining consistency in the style of photography on how the product is shown on the website also makes a great difference. Changing the style of photography may confuse the customers and ultimately affect your brand value.



-Presenting mesmerizing photos of jewellery to the customer implies that the items you are showcasing are clean and polished and try to add some shine to the jewellery so that it appeals to the potential shopper.



-You need to focus more on the unique aspects of that particular jewel, by showing off the certain charm of the necklace or use autofocus on the flawless beauty of the diamond.

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-Photography should be done in such a way that customers can zoom in easily and investigate the most intricate details about the item hassle-free.


-Moving GIFs are incredibly helpful in conveying how the product can move, which will help the customers strengthen their position on whether to buy the product or not. 

In a nutshell, jewellery photography completely depends on a particular brand or its principles; there is no correct strategy on how to do jewellery photography. The steps given above can just help increase the chance of presenting your brand in a majestic manner. Moreover, it depends on the connection between your product, its presentation, and your brand value on how your product is perceived by the customers. 

Augmented reality has completely changed the idea of in-store selling.

Today virtual jewellery experience is on the rise, where people can simply use their smartphones and try  Jewellery designs virtually as many of them as they wish to see how it fits them. Also, the jewellery shopping trend is gradually becoming outdated because many retailers have been very slow in building a web presence. It is high time to keep clients engaged and serve them digitally.



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