Stunning Vintage Necklace Picks for Bridal Trousseau

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Satisfactory Jewellery pieces hold a special place in the bridal trousseau collection as it is one of the most important details of her wedding attire. Sometimes, brides tend to search for the best jewellery pieces before even finding her groom. And in the last few years, many actresses have tied their knots with their loving partner, the jewellery collection of bollywood brides which will be going to prove as the launch of a new bridal trousseau for most of us. However, if you are confused about where to start, then simply follow our wedding shopping guide. All the jewellery, especially the necklaces are the most powerful element of the Bridal attire and adds heaviness to their clothing. So here are some of the inspiration for necklace picks for bridal Trousseau that will definitely make you look stunning on your D-Day.

1. The Tormey Diamond Necklace:

PC Jewellers
The Sparking effect of the Tormey Diamond Necklace will make you admire it. The gold chain holds the three-layered authentic diamond chains with different designs in each. It looks glamorous and suits well on the less traditional brides.

2. Mine Diamond Necklace:

Malabar Gold &Diamonds
The Mine Diamond necklace is again a vintage 5 layered piece with matching earrings. It an authentic piece that will give you the queen-like vibes. Each of its layers or handing chain is different from others. Also, the last and the main chain has the pearls attached to it. Its earrings follow the same concept. This will be going to increase your bridal charm.

3. Dazzling Diamond Gems Necklace:

Raj jewels
The beautiful Diamond gems necklace comes with the matching earrings and looks lavish in every sense. It has a thick, vintage as well as modern vibes together and will look perfect with wedding attire. It comes with the attached gems, where you get options to choose from 4 different colours. The Yellow gold frames merge well with the overall diamonds.

4. Polki Diamond Choker:

Do you want to get the maharani-like feeling on your D-Day? This necklace will help you in enhancing your look. It has a thick vintage frame with orange beads hanging that will make you authentic in every sense. Even the green and orange colour in this necklace merge well with the traditonal attires.

5. Aurus Signature Pearl base Gold designer Choker:

The Classiness of pearl base gold choker will give you a designer as well as beautiful vibes. You will admire its faithful vibes and it’s hard to find such beautiful pieces in today’s time. The combination of green and pink gems with peals and gold will make it look crisp and traditional.

6. Aurus Diamond, Emerald and Pearl Gold Designer necklace:

This necklace has a sophisticated round shape designed with the gold frame. The overall diamonds on the necklace makes it magical. Even the emerald and pearls combine well with the beauty of diamond and gold. Being a bride, you will admire the ornate nature of this necklace.

7. Eternal Jadau Rani Haar Strings:

The Vintage and magical feeling of Jadau Rani Haar strings are made up of Gold and diamonds. It has beautiful and enhances the vibes of your neck. It specifically has three chains connected to each other, drop shape element and a big hanging circular piece. The Eternal feel of this haar will merge well with your bridal outfit.

8. Glamorize Pearl Long Necklace:

SVTM Jewels
For the wedding day, the bride always seeks for something stylish as well as traditional, and luckily, this necklace has it all. It is a long necklace with many layers, a kundan, real stones, uncut diamond work, pearl beads and floral designs. It has everything you must be looking for and trust us, it will look amazing on your D-day.

9. Stunning Diamond Necklace with Floral pattern:


Hazoorilal Legacy
The combination of diamonds and gold is admired by everyone as it has that vintage vibes. But some brides need a modern piece with some traditional vibes. In that case, this necklace will be perfect for her because of its floral, leafy and authentic design. It comes with the matching earrings that complete its stunningness.

10. MihrabPolki II:

Hazoorilal Legacy
If you are looking for something authentic and remember-worthy then the MihrabPolki II necklace is perfect for you. It is in the shape of the choker with Golden, turquoise and pink colours elements. The hanging pearls make it even graceful. The matching earrings follow the same design scheme as the necklace. It has the vibes that no will forget its design in their life. 
For women, it’s more about picking the right dresses, the right jewellery and to flaunt them in every occasion. Check out the jewellery ideas and tips for all the wedding functionsCheck out It’s hard to design such beautiful pieces, therefore Plushvie would like to give a salute to all the designs and craftsmen out there. Look at these pieces and get inspiration for your Vintage Necklace Picks for Bridal Trousseau.

3 Comment(s)

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