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An engagement ring is extremely special as it deeply reflects your love for your beloved who’s your fiancée-to-be. It should be special, unique and appropriate according to the style and personality of your fiancée. There are many options available but shop a proposal ring online to get the best offers and of course trendy designs. Make sure that whatever stone, metal or diamond you’re selecting should serve the highest quality. Find out what your engagement ring says about youChoose something unusual and unconventional which should certainly enhance her look. 

So, here’s a list of most beautiful engagement rings with best designs that will undoubtedly make her say, “I do.” 


1. BLUE TOPAZ – A blue topaz ring is a lovely choice for your fiancée. The sparkling gemstone is naturally gorgeous and a classic accessory to mark your engagement day. It is an elegant addition to a list of stylish and beautiful accessories. Usually, Blue Topaz is contrasted with silver and engraved with stones in it. However, if it is contrasted with arose gold band, it will definitely dazzle you. There’s a fact about Blue Topaz that it’s a birthstone for December born people. 


2. ROSE GOLD and DIAMOND RING – Peach ROSE is an ideal engagement ring to propose your fiancée. It has a dusty pink color which is surrounded by tiny diamonds to enhance the stunning look of the ring. It is bright and easily distinguishable and beautifully paired with the rose gold band. 



3. STACKED RING – Nowadays, stacked rings are getting immensely popular. These rings are absolutely graceful, especially for the brides. Stacked rings are available in two, three, or more bands for a different look and it also offers creativity and individuality with the hues of colours and stone cuts. Therefore, choose a stacked engagement ring correctly. 


4. DIAMOND CLUSTER RINGS – Cluster rings are exclusively crafted with the finest quality of diamonds. Cluster rings are perfect for celebrating everlasting love and affection for your partner. In cluster rings, there are different types of stones and hues available. Choose an exceptional cluster ring with a silver band for your fiancée and surprise her by your choice.  



5. EMERALD RING – Undoubtedly, emerald is the most popular gemstone, but it’s absolutely an unconventional choice as an engagement ring. This stunning stone has a deep-green hue and surrounded by a diamond or pave band. This glimmering stone is boundless when it comes to its settings, unique designs and styles. There’s a fact about emerald that it’s a birthstone for May born people. 




6. SAPPHIRE RING – Sapphire is the perfect option for the best engagement ring. It’s commonly known for its velvety-blue colour and considered to be one of the strongest gemstones after diamond. Sapphire ring is also available in different designs and patterns. It’s a beautiful and graceful engagement ring option for your beloved fiancée as it is stylish and equivalently sophisticated.


7. ENGRAVED RINGS – Engraved rings are getting trendy these days. Just choose a perfect ring and engrave it with a personalized message. There are several rings which can be engraved with special dates, messages or designs according to your need, but make sure that the couple bands are 2mm thick. These couple rings are suitable for everyone. 


In the end, there are exceptional designs and patterns in rings, especially for engagement. Select something classy and attractive, which will definitely make her say, “I do.” The aforementioned list of proposal rings is graceful and absolutely stunning for the bride. Just pick the right kind of engagement ring which will certainly enhance the style and personality of your fiancée. 


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