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Shimmer and inspiring hue, having the perfect rings is no doubt the most beautiful and glowing aura of every women. It can be a symbol of love or just a jewellery piece that enhances the beauty of our hands. And there are no two ways that rings have the power to swirl the soul of any women. However, sometimes finding the perfect ring is hard and if you are looking for something trendy then the task becomes even tougher. So, Plushvie is curating world-class designs from top luxurious jewellery brands in the World. Slide down and Check out the most extravagantly elegant engagement ring collection on a single platform.


Threads Solitaire Ring From Graff


The angular beauty with emerald cut diamonds, this ring is designed to magnify the gorgeousness of your hands. The ZigZag design is hard to beat and definitely going to give the feeling like you are a princess of the Snow. 



Vera Wang Princess Diamond Ring From Zales


Blue looks perfect with diamonds, and this ring is the best proof of this statement. The extraordinary design and finish will give you a Cinderella-like feeling. The overall diamonds on a sleek Band will give a marvellous look.



Platinum Bow Ribbon Ring From Tiffany


Bow Ribbon Ring from Tiffany is a stunning symbol of love and is designed to encourage femininity. The round centre diamond comes with the ribbon-like shapes on either side. Its sleek band will make it look prettier on your finger.


Trinity Ruban Solitaire Ring From Cartier


Solitaire Ring from Cartier Collection comes with a big centre solitaire surrounded with the coil-like illusionary band. The perfect finish and unexpected shape enhance the elegance and delicacy of this premium jewellery piece.


Swirl Ring From Graff


Every girl dream to have a mesmerising ring that will provide the royal look to her. However, this ring is designed with the same concept. The broad whirling halo with overall diamonds are designed in such a way that it complements the beauty of big pear-shaped diamonds.




Diamond Vintage-style Square Frame Ring with two-tone gold From Zales


Classiness, timelessness and royal, these are perfect words to describe the beauty of this Diamond Vintage-style square frame ring. It with the two-tone gold look with the front covered with perfectly shaped diamonds. This exquisite piece will brighten up your any attire.



Solar Ring From Graff


Solar Ring is a perfect example of uniqueness and striking design. The brazing sun effect from the mixed shape diamonds exenterates the beauty of this ring. And no doubt, no one has ever expected that different shapes of diamonds can look so stunning with each other.



Three Stine Ring with Sapphire Side Stones in Platinum from Tiffany


As its name says, this sleek but classic piece comes with a round centre diamond stone, featuring two sapphire side stones on either side. It looks extremely attractive and the velvety stones complement well with the shine of centre diamond stone. 



Trinity Solitaire with white, yellow and pink gold From Cartier


Finding three types of gold in a single ring is nearly impossible, but this trinity solitaire ring has proved this statement wrong. The sophisticated and sleek shape of this beautiful ring looks trendy on anyone’s hand. The three parallel bands of three gold bands greet each other in a seamless way. 



Quad Princess-Cut Diamond Frame White Gold Ring From Zales


For the special days, it’s always important to choose the special ring that will take her breath away. This lovely White Gold ring comes with a perfect princess-cut diamond surrounded by perfecting small accent diamonds. Its triple shank effect will make your future wife admire it for a lifetime.


The above-listed rings are Top 10 picked by our Jewellery Connoisseurs according to the popularity and designs of these rings. All these are world-class brands and they offer niche designs to its top-notch customers. All these rings will complement the eclectic personality of a woman. Whatever ring you choose, all will reflect their unique aesthetic and design. If you are in search of selecting the perfect ring, you can select engagement ring designs which suit your personalityAnd with a little insight, we know you will be able to find your ideal ring. 


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