Types of Jewelry you probably didn't know

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How many types of Jewellery do you know?



Diamond is forever, Gold is glittering and Silver is shining. It is always a matter of proud to know some of the very interesting facts about different types of jewellery being available in the market. Jewelley can be crafted in Platinum ,Gold, Silver metals, Studed with Real Diamonds, Gem stones, Precious or Semi precious stones, Immitation Jewellery which is studded with artificial stones or treated stones, in metals like Brass, Copper, Steel etc. Jewellery can be laser encrypted, along with different images and logos. To add to that, beads/charms can also be added to the chain bracelates which are famously called as "Charm bracelets". Nowadays, wooden jewellery is also very famous among youngsters.

             Fashion jewellery has no boundries of material and shape…. It is invented as iconic style and event. Nowadays Wealth and Health care (WAH Jewellery), Divine Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, Healing Jewellery are considered as a very specific a prestigious jewellery. We can find different types of jewellery at this online marketplace for jewellery and live “PLUSHVIE” - A Luxurious Life. 

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