An Old Woman Survived Becouse of Jewellery

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An Old Woman Survived Becouse of Jewellery

This Is a Story of a family, A Story of wisdom, A Story of enthusiasm, A Story of taking risk, A Story of Visionary woman and A Story of Sukh-Dukh ka sathi.


 I am expressing my delightful experience, which I had about 20 years ago,when it was our normal practice to meet our customers personally & finalizing their orders for jewelry. 


After meeting and sitting together for around 4 times with my customer, once again 5th meeting was being scheduled, to finalise the diamond jewelry order at their residence. Although I am an enthusiastic entrepreneure and have good convincing skills, I was depressed by not being able to close the deal during earlier four meetings. So, when this 5th meeting was being scheduled, I prayed to GOD that he either help me in finalising this order or relieve me.


It was pleasant morning & all family members were eager to place their selection of jewellery before me. Because of choosy nature of preety young lady in front of me, the meeting lasted for about 2 hours. At last, she finalized a peice of diamond jewellery studded with star diamonds (very small diamonds). Anyways, it was joyous moment for me as I had achieved a mountain from landscape by devoting five meetings of 2 hours each, amounting to a total of 10 hours of exhaustive discussions, showing them different kinds of crafts as well as creative designs. This was supposed to be the final deal but there was a twist waiting for me. The yound lady, presumably the daughter in law in the house, humbly told me that the final endorsement is still pending from someone. 

"Of Whom?" – I Asked  

And to my surprise, she pointed her fingers towards an old aged lady(Approx 80+ years), non educated, Non fashionable, Non fancy – Grand Maa.

She was the real queen of the family chain. The lady informed me that we are family members, we all family members not only take advice from our Grand Maa, but also obey her instructions and advices completely. For us, Our Grand Maa’s Choice is final.


I bowed in front of her & conveyed my pranam to grand maa and informed her, in detail, about the journey of selection of jewelry and what everyone has selected as final choice. However, within no moments, she rejected everyone’s choice & asked me to cancel the order.

Now, I was confused. I looked at the young lady but there was no chance to review it.


After 2-3 minutes the grand maa asked this young lady to bring tops (earrings) from her safe & asked me for valuation. When I saw the tops, it was studed with 6 pieces of solitaire diamonds. To the best of my memory, the valuation was not less than 15 lac rupees. During those days, around 20 years ago, 15 lac rupees was too much.  To my surprise, I could observe that there was only one piece of earing available. The second piece of the earrings pair was missing.

"Why is there only one piece of Earrings? Where is the another piece? " - I asked Grand Maa


"It helped me survive" - She said with wet eyes.

In Presence of everybody she had a joyous wet eyes and started a story of how she survived during tough days with the help of valued jewellery. She was a housewife but that one piece of tops (6-pcs of Solitaire diamond) had helped her live happily for last 20 years.


The Grand Maa then advised the young lady to go for only solitaire diamond jewellery & not for star diamond jewelry since solitaire diamond jewelry is a preferred investment which could provide your financial stability in tough days. 

"Solitaire Diamonds bring you fortune, when you lose fortune. Never think of budget when you are investing in solitaire diamonds because the more you invest now, the more you will get when you need the most." - She adviced.


This is how jewellery can be a “SUKH-DUKH KA SATHI.”


Plan & Invest as visionary persons to achieve peaceful life.

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