Here is why you should feel proud on The National Technology Day

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National Technology Day


Technology and innovation has so far helped us achieve many advancements. For everything we do in our lives, we can not imagine an event without technology or innovation. Be it the medical segment, or aerospace segment, or defense segment or consumer products segment, or even jewelry segment, technology has evolved multifolds in last five decades.


We celebrate many international days with excitement which are gifted to us by foreign countries and cultures but we seldom celebrate our national days with equal zeal. On 11th May, one of our very proudest days, National Technology Day is being celebrated by India. Here are the reasons why every Indian should feel proud on this auspicious day. 


1. India enters "The Nuclear Club":


On 11th May 1998, India had successfully detonated three (3) nuclear bombs in Pokhran, Rajasthan. Two days later, another two (2) bombs were successfully tested making India a full fledged nuclear powered country. These tests have immensely boosted the strength of India in global arena. India became the sixth (6th) country to join the elite club. 


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Under the leadership of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the operation "Shakti" was accomplished successfully compelling nation to gift him with a name "Missile Man of INDIA" 


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2. India's 1st Indigenous aviator aircraft "Hansa-3" was successfully tested


On the same day, i.e. 11th May, India's first indegenous aircraft was successfully tested in Bengaluru marking a remarkable event in history of Indian technology & innovation. The two seater aviator was meant for flight training. 


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3. Test Firing of Surface to Air Missile "Trishul"


The successful testing of short range surface to air missile "Trishul" was conducted on the same day. The missile was developed by Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). 




To celebrate this day, the Technology Development Board of India, awards experts and contributors in the Science and technology field with national awards to express their gratitude for their developments.


This is to motivate more and more people to contribute in this area which holds maximum credits in bringing development and changes in any country.


Schools and institutes are encouraged to participate in celebrating this National day and help students understand the importance of Science and Technology in bringing a change in a country, be it politically or economically. Students are encouraged to participate in science events and expand their horizons. Special quizzes are organised in institutes to arise curiosity and sense of participation on this particular days.


National Technology Day is really a day that every Indian should look back and feel proud about. India has achieved a lot since it’s independence, especially in the field of science and technology. 


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We proudly celebrate this National Technology Day, Do you? Share your comments below.



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