Wear these Jewellery to create an impression at office

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Wear these Jewellery to create an impression at office


Your office might be a dull and boring place, but of course, you aren’t!


Wondering how to make your looks and personality make a clear and distinct impact in your office? Say no more! Most people do not understand the potential of proper accessories and jewellery design. Pairing up your work outfits with the right kind of jewellery can escalate your overall look and make you a style icon in the office.


From the cool earrings you wear to the hues and shades of your outfits in office, every element of your look plays a huge role in building up a subtle yet dominant stature. When it comes to deciding office looks, there are a lot of varieties of jewellery design which you can play around with.


At Plushvie, we are here to provide you with some useful tips which would surely help you in pairing up and playing around with different looks and accessories.


Earthy Earrings


No matter what your role is, there is no other accessory which catches as much attention as your cool earrings do. A gorgeously crafted pair of earrings can adorn your entire look in the best possible way. To select the right pair of earrings, you must begin with ascertaining the shape of your face. It is advised to choose a pair of earrings which would help to refine your facial structure while adding that extra sass to your outfit.


If you are a person who prefers to wear Indian outfits such as a simply stitched kurti or maybe a long skirt, danglers will be the right choice of cool earrings for you. Make sure to opt for danglers which are medium sized and simply designed.



Exotic Earthy Earrings


For those of you who prefer to wear western outfits such as a blouson and a skirt or maybe pants and a shirt, studs and symmetrically styled earrings would be the right choice. These designs will add a touch of elegance to your outfit without making you look overdone.


Bracelets for women


Your wrists are the most prominently appearing part of your entire look. You can choose to opt for a pair of chunky accessories and a statement watch to ace the office look. It is usually advised to make a selection of minimal and light colored accessories for workspace. Hence, you can play around with metallic bracelets and watches for this part of the look. Oxidized jewellery and metallic charms are in trend these days and are affordable too!







On the other hand, a beautiful watch can be paired up with any outfit. The one wrist accessory that goes with every type of look would be a metallic watch. For those of you who wish to add a feminine touch, we would suggest you look for any of the bracelets for women including a jewel watch or a timepiece cum bracelet.






Slay your workplace looks with Plushvie!




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