Reasons for wearing jewellery you didn’t know

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The world has surely undergone a huge transformation since thousands of years. There have been endless fluctuations in the tastes, preferences and fashion choices of people. Since the world is a mixture of uncountable different cultures and people, changes in fashion and trends in accessorizing have surely been taking place.


However, the one trend of wearing exquisitely crafted jewellery remains intact. No matter which culture you belong to or whichever country you happen to live in, jewellery is considered as one of the most necessary elements of a complete look.


Your favorite pieces of jewellery can add up to bring a totally unique approach to your overall look.


Ancient ayurvedic wisdom has a lot to say about why women have been wearing jewellery since centuries. Here are some facts you will surely be amazed to know of.


Gold and Silver:


According to a lot of mythological stories, it is generally considered as a right option to wear gold jewellery on the upper part of the body and to wear silver jewellery on the lower part of the body. This is because Silver is said to attract the energy of the earth and gold is said to attract the body’s aura and instill positivity into the same.






You might have heard of the ancient Chinese therapy named Acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient technique which is used to eradicate bodily pains by way of sensations and targeting. Earrings are said to be worn so that the body can go through the process of Acupuncture through ease. The earrings are said to stimulate the erve endings present on the lower part of the ear which in turn increases immunity and helps in the speedy treatment of diseases.


Another theory states that evil spirits tend to enter the body by way of ears. Wearing earrings can help to create a positive aura around the entire body and shield it from bad and evil spirits.






A mangalsutra is a sign of the pure and lovely bond between the couple after marriage. According to some religious reasons, it is also said to enhance the blood circulation throughout the body and boost immunity.




Nose Piercings:


According to ancient Rigveda literature, it is said that Nose piercings are done to enhance fertility in women. Some mythological stories also state that nose piercings are carried out in order to lessen the pain of menstrual cycle in women and ease the pain of childbirth.

Even when it comes to nose rings, they are usually suggested to be worn on the left nostril of the nose as the left nostrils of the nose are associated and directly connected to the female reproductive organs.




Most people wear ring on 3rd finger symbolizing engagement or wedding. The 3rd finger has a specific significance as it is closely associated with our heart. Wearing a gold and diamond ring on this finger helps keep your heart healthy and your body full of energy. Wearing ring on first finger symbolizes wealth and it also shows that you are a dominating personality at work.


Ladies Rings



Solitaire Jewellery:


Amongst all types of jewellery, solitaire jewellery is by far the most elite and the most desired type of jewellery. Solitaire is the thing which every woman wants to wear and show off. Solitaire diamonds are special not only because of their beauty but also due to their positive aura. Natural and real solitaire diamonds possess very powerful aura which can have very good impact on your health. It absorbs the negative energy surrounding you and covers you with positivity which leads to a stress free and a happier life.

Before buying a jewellery, you should also consider what your choice of jewellery says about you and choosing the right jewellery that suits your face. We bet you didn’t know about these unbelievable facts before! Did you?

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