The Scientific Logics behind wearing Indian Jewellery

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The Scientific Logics behind wearing Indian Jewellery

India is known to have a vast influence of gold and silver jewellery since ages.The obsession with jewellery is deep rooted within the  minds of Indian people. Beautiful jewellery pieces have been adorned by Indian women since ages. Investing in real Jewellery has never been an act of shelling money for them, but an act of investing in a sparkling future. Real Jewellery are timeless pieces, not only do they look beautiful but also have a very high investment value and as the years  pass, the value increases.


Apart from the fact that jewellery accentuates the beauty of a women, jewellery in India is also considered to be a symbol of  security at the time of economic turmoil as it holds a great economic value. Also jewellery and embellishments aren't just prominent forms of accessories,the choice of your jewellery says lot about you
Adding to the feminism factor, wearing Jewellery made out of Gold, Silver or Diamond is believed to add more value to a women’s lives in terms of status, power, financial stability and so on. 

Traditionally, it is believed that having a good collection of precious jewelry symbolizes social status, power, wealth and good status of the owner.

It’s a belief that traditions are baseless without any scientific backing or logic, proving this wrong, we have our tradition which has a scientific outlook behind each and every jewellery piece.

1.      Mang Tikka



To put it into simple words Mangtikka is a jewellery piece which glorifies one of the most important chakras of women that is “preservation”. It is designed in such a way that it rests on the centre which is the sixth chakra of the forehead which also represents the third eye also known as the power of soul. Mangtikka is essentially worn by the brides. There are many varieties of the same.


2.  Earrings

The earrings have a very specific meaning attached to them, it is believed that having a ear pierced and wearing ear-rings not only enhances the beauty but also activates the senses amongst which the most important one is alertness.It helps on stay more active and alert towards sounds and movements in the surroundings.Apart from that it is believed that wearing earrings promotes and enhances the overall well being of an individual women in general.

3. Necklace

A necklace by definition is a jewellery piece which is worn on the neck.It is believed that wearing a necklace helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate as the neck lace is worn near the heart on the neck it is also believed to control emotions and strengthen love. Wearing a necklace with many semi precious stones is believed to bind one selves with eternal powers it is also believed to protect oneself from all sorts of evil powers.

4. Nose Ring

This is a pretty self explanatory ornament like ear rings, a nose ring also requires a nose piercing. In many traditions nose piercing is a customary and a compulsory ritual, in many communities the whole act of nose piercing is celebrated and holy rituals are carried out. Scientifically wearing a nose ring helps promote health of a women and directly affects her female reproductive health over all and ease in child birth.

5. Ring

It is no hidden secret that a ring is the most loved and flaunted jewellery till date. It is believed to be a symbol of love and friendship, commonly used as a wedding ring.It is believed that the wedding ring which is worn in the middle finger regulates the emotions of the person wearing as the nerve of that particular figure is directly connected to the heart.

6. Mangal sutra

Mangal sutra is most commonly known to be the identity of married women in India. Mangal Sutra is an ornament which is made out of black beads and along with a centre stud of diamond or gold design. The beads are woven in the mangal sutra each of them have a holy significance. Themangal sutra symbolizes her love for her husband it showcases the feelings of compassion, love and affection between the married couple. Adding to this it also helps in regulating body pressure levels and control blood circulation.

7. Bangles

Bangles are believed in maintain the blood pressure level. Bangles cause constant friction with wrist which increases the blood circulation level. Furthermore the electricity passing through the outer skin is again reverted to one’s own body because of which the energy is sent back to body instead of going outside.

8. Kamarbandh

Kamarbandh also known as waist belt or belly belt, it’s an ornament which is not worn daily. It is worn by many communities as a custom at festive occasions or marriage ceremonies. There’s a very interesting fact behind the ornament, as per the legend it is believed that Kambarbandh is passed on from one generation to another it has a traditional value and is cherished in the respective community. Scientifically it is believed that wearing the belly belt helps one in maintaining the overall figure and prevents one from gaining fat in the waist area.


9. Bindi

The area between two eyebrows which is sixth chakra - Agna is consider as seat of wisdom. It helps in retaining the energy in human body. It also helps in controlling the concentration.


10. Gold and Silver

Gold- Reacts well with body’s aura and energy
Silver- Reacts well with earth’s energy
Hence gold is used to adorn the upper part of body whereas silver is worn on lower part of body i.e. anklets and toe rings.

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