Wedding Gift Ideas to Gift Bride and Groom this Summer

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Wedding Gift Ideas to Gift Bride and Groom this Summer


Its that time of the month, when we all are flooded with wedding invites and who doesn’t like attending them?Weddings are always fun to attend, one gets a chance to put on that gorgeous dress, catch up with family and friends, curate performances together, hit the bar for the most refreshing cocktails and great food is always awaiting us at the table.The custom of gifting is followed in every special occasion not leaving wedding aside, at times it can be a task to find the perfect gift for the bride and groom. All the newlywed couple, receive are gifts which may not be that appealing and at times can bore them and you never know you may receive the same gift at your wedding or anniversary, gift packed in different gifting paper and parcelled!!

To all the wedding invites of 2018, we on behalf of all the brides and grooms would like to request you to be a bit more creative and gift thoughtful things to the couple who would love to use them, rather than dump or re-gift the gifts.Now you might be wondering, how can you do that ??

Don’t worry folks we have got your back, we at Plushvie have come up with creative wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom this season.

Gifting ideas


1.Couple Photo Frames 

Nowadays, almost all weddings have pre-wedding shoots, the bride and groom love getting clicked away, for someone who is too lazy to find more gifting options here’s a simple yet cool gifting idea for the couple in love. Gift a frame simply as it is or get creative with the content and we are sure, the couple will feel special and totally remember you for the gift.


2.Love Bands

Love bands are a thing in today's day and age. Love bands are a symbol of togetherness and love.
Also is a great gift for the couple. 


Gifting the couple a getaway from the city will be a great gift, after all, they can use some time and get away from the wedding madness. Trust us they'd love the gift.

4.Customised Cushion Covers

Now that the couple is married they will be given all sorts of gifts from kitchen appliances to Cutlery. Gift them customized cushions for their cosy corners, will be a unique gift for the couple.

5.Couple Watches

Couple watches have been in trend and have never gone out, many brands have come up with unique couple watches.
A timeless piece of gift which shows time!!

6.Customised Tees

Customised clothing for bride and groom is a thing back in abroad, bringing the trend to our land many clothing brands have come up with customised tees. Many of which are easily available in the market, a super cool and affordable gifting idea for the couple.


7. Name Engraved Wine Glasses

Saturday evenings call for a fine wine, for the couple who love to dine fine and drink wine this will be a great gift.

8. Hamper

For those of you who want to go a mile further and give a creative and grand gift, you can go for a hamper, fill it with all the things the loved by the couple and voila you have made it in the top gifting wedding invites in the couples list.

9.Initials Bracelet or Pendant

Gifting jewellery is easy but can be a task if you are gifting a newlywed couple if your are bride's best friend and want to gift her something she'd love gift her a pendant with her and her beloveds initials. A gift she’d cherish for years to come.

We hope you are equipped with creative gifting ideas this summer. If you find the option of gifting jewellery easy and friendly you can visit our website and browse through the gifting collection as well as the wedding collection.

Happy shopping!!



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