Why are backlinks important for SEO

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Under SEO there are different tasks and moving pieces and each task has equal importance to the strength of your website. Backlinks are a very essential aspect of SEO because backlink help you to build your website’s DA i.e domain authority and PA  i.e page authority, which will directly contribute to search result rankings.

There are many SEO tools, through which you are able to track the traffic of your website and how the audience interacts on your website. This will help you to develop the SEO strategy, which will help you create a strong backlinking strategy.



What are backlinks?

Backlinking is a process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. Linking is just a way for the audience to navigate between the pages on the internet. Google search engines use links to crawl the web. Search engines crawl the links between the individual pages on your sites.

1. Referral Traffic
Backlinking helps to get referral traffic on your sites. Backlinks are a useful resource that's why they are clickable. Whenever someone clicks on the link that click will bring them to the website and helps you to get referral traffic.



2. Anchor text
A visible character or a word that displays a hyperlink within the content is an anchor text. It can be underline or be of unique colour. Certain anchor text is SEO-friendly and passes more equity.


3. Follow vs. no-follow backlinks
Website owners can define if a link passes link equity or not. The following links are more desirable and a no-follow link does not pass link equity and it is known as LINK JUICE-  to a domain but a follow link does pass the link equity. No, follow links with high quality can be beneficial to enhance your website and brand.   

4.Authority of linking domain

The domain authority and page authority of links should be more than 20. You can check the domain authority and page authority through several tools like Moz, Semrush etc. The Spam score of the link should be less than 5 if it is more than 5  than such kind of link should be avoided.


5.Link Location
The website builder is significant to Google, as it sets the positioning of the links on the different pages of the websites. If you have tucked the backlinks in the footer of the page that may not pass much equity.

Add a backlink in a relevant blog post paragraph that will give more equity. Equity depends on the location of the links.


6. Link relevancy

Google search engine knows that the backlink is relevant or not. If an Accounting company links to your IT company, the backlink is extremely irrelevant and will not pass as much as link juice as the backlink received from IT company sites. 
The link should be done with the relevant sites only otherwise it will be of no use.



Backlinking helps to increase the ranking of your websites. Submit your site to the relevant links which have high Domain authority, page authority and low spam score. This will make improve the positioning of your site on search engine research page.

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