A perpetual love story of Jai and Meera

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“They survived and it’s a happy ending.”


College is an amazing place to collect beautiful memories and some unforgettable stories. College life is absolutely a life-altering experience, which stays with us perpetually. Excluding the studies and lectures, there are some exceptional experiences with friends, colleagues, and professors, which are beyond any comparison.


So, here it’s a love story of Jai and Meera who fallen in love while they were in the same college...!


As we all know, relationships are common among youngsters especially when they are in college, but there was something unusual about Jai and Meera. Everyone in their college thought that they were in a relationship initially. However, they were just best friends who shared a strong connection. Both Jai and Meera were mature and supported each other to excel in life. Their story evolved with time very differently as they both had a balanced companionship. Jai was the one who had first fallen in love with Meera and realized it later on. 


One day an economics lecture was going on and Jai wasn’t attentive and frequently staring at Meera. That day, Mr. Sharma, Economics professor, noticed Jai’s behavior, but he didn’t say a word to him. On the other hand, Meera wasn’t able to understand the weird behavior of Jai. Perhaps she might be aware of it and pretending to be ignorant or she wasn’t sure about it. As days passed by, their friendship was also affecting and, then out of frustration, Meera directly asked him, “Why are you behaving so weird? And he replied, “Stay away from me otherwise I won’t stop myself from loving you.” 


That day, Meera realized how deeply he was in love with her. After some time, Meera also realized her love  for Jai and she said Yes to him.



Jai and Meera wherein the third year and their professors were also aware of their relationship. Their college professors were really supportive and equally co-operative. When their families came to know about their hidden relationship, they opposed it because love marriage wasn’t allowed in both the families and didn’t support them.


However, when two people are meant to be together, there are no boundaries and no one can stop them. Mr. Sharma, Economics professor helped them to get married. Although their marriage was simple they were cheerful and jubilant as their friendship turned into a lifetime partnership. Their economics professor went against the family agreement because he knew their love was genuine and pure. They were soulmates in true essence.



Three years later, even after they had married, Mr. Sharma kept assisting them as a mentor to solve their all the financial and family issues. One day, Meera got a call from the college administration department that a retirement party was to be organized in the college for Mr. Sharma, and both of them were cordially invited at this retirement party.


The batch of the year 2006 was special for economics professor and every single student of that particular batch was called-up at Mr. Sharma’s retirement party. Now, it’s the retirement party day and everyone came up at the podium to give a speech. All the alumni students gave their respective speech and, then Jai & Meera stood up to deliver their special speech.


They started the speech with their memorable day that was married and how their professor helped them to get married. They both delivered a wonderful speech at Mr. Sharma’s retirement party and expressed their gratitude. After finishing their memorable speech, Jai & Meera gifted a gold ring to their economics professor as a token of love and respect.




Now, it’s 10 years since they have married. They both are living happily with each other with the help and guidance of Mr. Sharma. Hence, it’s not mandatory that every ending will be a sad ending. Jai and Meera both survived together and fought for their love to be together for eternity



In the end, there is love, courage, survival, and commitment in their love story.

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