Most Fun facts on Birthstones of August - Peridot & Sardonyx

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Most Fun facts on Birthstones of August - Peridot & Sardonyx




August is the month for Leos and partly for Virgos. People who are born under these signs are natural born leaders, birth in August meaning that they are exuberant, charming, self-confident, creative, humorous, and they tend to achieve anything they set their mind on. Barack Obama, Sridevi, Jennifer Lawrence, Kylie Jenner, Kajol, Saif Ali Khan, Shawn Mendes are just a few famous personalities to name who were August born. 
If you have August as your birth month and you are looking for your birthstone option, that’s where we come in or check out the fun facts about the birthstone of July and June which also has astounding details. The birthstone of July is Ruby and June has surprising 3 birthstones namely Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.
For Leo babies also, you don’t have just one, but two options of gemstones. You can find both peridot gemstones and sardonyx gemstones to choose from if you need an August birthstone. Here are some fun facts about them. 

1. Just like you, your birthstone’s color is unique. Peridot is one of those few birthstones that occur in only one color and that is an olive-green.


2. It is believed that the gem was first found among rocks that were created by volcanoes and igneous rocks. The material of the peridot is also referred to as chrysolyte. 


3. Egyptians were called as ‘Gem of the Sun’ in the ancient times, as Egypt used this gem in their jewelry for the first time. 


4. They are durable enough for everyday wear, as they maintain a 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. The peridot is still less durable than diamonds and rubies.


5. The green color of this gem indicates the iron content present in it. Therefore, it might differ in the color ranging from yellowish green to brownish green.


6. Peridot gem goes amazingly well with the silver and gold birthstone jewelry. People nowadays even use it for the engagement ring. 


7. Under 4 carats, it is relatively an inexpensive gemstone. Peridot is also quite softer stone to be used in jewelry making.





1. People born in the August month are in luck to have an alternate birthstone as well. Sardonyx is made from two Greek words called “sard” and “onyx”.  Sard meaning ‘reddish-brown’ and onyx means ‘veined gem’.
2. It is believed to have healing properties to magnify your wellbeing, confidence, happiness, and optimism. 
3. The color of this gem varies as well. It normally is reddish brown in color. But you might also find in yellow, brown, purple, black, white or grey. Sardonyx gem is made up of Silicon Dioxide. The chemical compound SiO2.
4. Sardonyx is a very inexpensive stone but its unique look and smooth finish make it stellar. 
5. This one has an interesting history behind its origin. Sardonyx was first discovered by the Greeks and they named it deriving from ‘sard’ and ‘onyx’. The Greeks considered this stone to be protective against any kind of danger. They also believed this serve them as a source of courage. 
6. Countries like Brazil, Germany, Madagascar, the United States and Uruguay have Sardonyx deposits at present.
Hope you got stunned to know the above interesting factual details on Peridot and Sardonyx - The Birthstone of August. 

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Nice piece of information. Would be interested in getting details on other months also.

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Thank you so much Virisha. We would love to share the details of the upcoming months with you. Keep visiting this page for more information.

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