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Wedding jewelry is the most difficult and time-consuming part while shopping. Jewelry is the most essential part which truly reflects the elegance and highlights the intricate details in your looks. Every bride is searching for traditional wedding jewelry to adorn herself on her special day,therefore checkout some jewellery ideas and tips for all wedding functions. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose appropriate jewelry according to the wedding dress along with the finest quality and unique designs to make your day absolutely memorable. 


Now, follow the simple and quick DIY wedding shopping guide of purchasing astonishing and dazzling jewelry: 
1. Selection based on the dress and fabric –



The most important part of any wedding jewelry is that it should complement the wedding dress. If you aren’t sure which piece of jewelry should be purchased, it is advised that pair it according to your wedding dress fabric. For instance, if your wedding dress has shades of pink, go for rose gold jewelry which will surely enhance your look. Don’t exhaust yourself by heavy jewelry and choose classic designs which should complete your entire look. 


2. Neckline and Earrings –



Now, if you’re sure about the color and design of the jewelry, choose neck pieces and complementary earrings. A Necklace is a timeless collection in your jewelry and it should be opportune according to the wedding dress as mentioned above. There are many styles in gold or diamond necklace. Select accordingly to have a maximum impact. In addition to it, determine earrings such as floral patterns in gold and blue stamen earrings to highlight your gorgeous look.  


3. Maang Tikka and Nose ring –




After the selection of neckline and earrings, another important jewelry of Indian bride is "Nose ring". Maang tikka has Ajna chakra which placed over the forehead. There is a variety of styles in maang tikka such as Rajasthani Borla which is crafted with precious gemstones and pearls to complement the traditional Indian bride look. Now coming to the nose ring or “Nath”, you can opt for clip-on nose ring with intricate details and lightweight for an elegant and classic look. 


4. Bridal Chura and Bangles –



Bridal Chura is the most important jewelry of an Indian bride especially if you’re Punjabi. It signifies the sacred union and spirituality. These days customized bridal churas are available according to the color of lehenga. Bangles are also available in different styles such as gold, depending upon the new trend and design you can shop diamond bangles accordingly. Thus, choose bangles wisely, but stick to your own style and be comfortable in it. 


5. Toe Rings and Anklets–




If the neckline, maang tikka, and other jewelry pieces are heavy, then keep the rest of your look simple and graceful. Choose toe rings with the layers of gold stacking. Anklets are crafted to enhance the look of a bride’s feet. Even in anklets, there are a variety of designs and styles from simple to heavy and attached with tiny “ghunghroos.” You can check different trendy styles in platinum, gold, and silver


Ultimately, it is vital for a bride to consider comfortability and pick the right kind of jewelry for the wedding. There’s no need to do extra fuss, and succumb to the particular wedding tradition. Always prefer those jewelry pieces which are suitable according to your style and personality which will certainly enhance your wedding look. Thus, follow the aforementioned wedding shopping guide to look beautiful and graceful.    

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