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Earrings are undoubtedly the most regal creations of jewelry there are. While the right pair of earrings can make you look like a goddess, the wrong ones can leave a not-so-subtle-impression. While buying a pair of earrings for yourself, it is in fact recommended that you figure out whether they go with your face shape and features or not. All of us have a different type of facial features and shapes. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while buying a pair of earrings best suited for your face shape. 


Choose Jewelry according to your face

Round Face:

If your face is round or circular in build, it is probably widest at the point of your cheekbones with a slightly risen chin. For those of you who happen to have a round face, long and hanging earrings or danglers will do a great job. Not only will they elongate the facial features but they will also help in concealing the facial fat thereby making your face look slimmer and sharper at the same time.

Most importantly, people with a circular face must avoid wearing oversized or circular earrings, balis as well as gem studs as they will only make your face look fatter and more round in shape.





Long Face:

The longer your face is, the narrower it will be. If you happen to have a long and thin face shape, you can certainly opt for earrings which help in highlighting the width of your face.

The best options of earrings for those with a long face would be a simple cut gem or diamond studs, gathered earrings, shorter sized jumkis and even balis of all sizes. While long and dropping earrings would make your face look longer, round earrings will help in accentuating your features and making your face look fuller.





Square Face:

Those of you have a square face should choose a pair of earrings which succeed in softening your facial features along with giving a rounded edge to your overall facial structure. Having a square shaped face means having a similarly sharp jawline as well as forehead.

It would be a perfect idea for you to go for those earrings which are longer in length and consist of rounded edges in some or the other manner. According to science, oval is the shape which is known for softening up the sharp corners of the face. Nevertheless, you can also opt for circular earrings over studs and symmetrical earrings.




Heart Shaped Face: 

Having a heart shaped face means having a face which is wide on the forehead but narrow at the chin. While selecting the perfect set of earrings for yourself, you must ensure that the earrings succeed in filling the lower portion of your face thereby making your chin look less sharp.

In the above case, you will need to bridge the gap between your pointed chin and wide forehead with oversized jhumkis or even tear drop earrings. Earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top help fill in the lower portion of your face, which makes your jawline chiseled and your face more balanced.





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