What your Engagement Ring says about you!

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Type of Engagement Ring you wear!



Every woman's most memorable occasion is the time when she meets her soulmate and takes her first step towards the bond of holy matrimony. Engagement is not just another important life event, but the first step towards the beginning of a relationship with your life partner. 

Did you know that your engagement ring has a lot to do with your personality, your preferences and your choices in life? Also, certain diamond cuts enhance your hand’s best features and make them look more attractive.Also, the engagement ring must suit your hand and length /width of your fingers. 

As to begin your perfect engagement ring hunt, we have got everything that you need to know before taking this important decision of your life. The listed personality types will guide you to opt for the ring that perfectly suits you.






If you're probably high-maintenance lady and you are always up according to current fashion trends by updating your wardrobe and shopping on weekends. 
Also, you always love to slay in style and opt for edgy looks which keep you on the top of the fashion radar. You're particular about your style, and your confidence and striking personality never fail to address the same. 
Then emerald, princess & asscher diamond helps you flaunt your big statement ring. 



If you are the woman with larger social circle, “you need a showstopper ring”.
Social butterflies are kind of extrovert, popular and fond of helping other people. Go for double metal bands or unique style of rings which helps you in showing off at social event or gathering.
Oval & Marquise shaped diamond helps you exhibit your personality.



If you are busy doing your corporate life duties. Your ring needs to reflect serious professional lifestyle.Try going for stronger and wider looking band that speaks your inner strength.
Wear a single diamond ring which conveys your individualist personality and powerhouse nature.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and the same applies to you! You might as well go for a ring that has been designed simply with the ultimate level of craftsmanship.




When it comes to love, you strive for passion and aim for the longevity of relation. You are never afraid of expressing your feelings. You are a born charmer, and your graceful personality adds to the same. 
If you are passionate about emotions and being romantic is what you love the most. Your ring should be delicate one with studded diamonds all over. 
Heart and round shaped diamonds help your fingers look even more elegant. You can also try vintage heirloom rings, which defines your attachment for your family members.




Don’t shy away if you are not like most of the girls, who love their engagement ring flashy. You can still find a ring of your choice.
You can find out ring which is a simple band with not so fancy design on it. Your ring can be simple enough to fit your personality without being mundane.


Type of Engagement Ring that suits your hand



    If you have already brought your engagement ring then this is what your engagement ring says about your personality, style and wedding



1. Spend little time and play around plenty different style of rings and then take final decision. Also, don’t afraid to ask for advices- ask friends, relatives, shop owners or even jewellery consultants before buying  final  engagement ring as it is (hopefully) once in a lifetime decision.

2. Make sure your ring is accurately fit which helps you highlighting it properly.

3.  If you are planning to buy your engagement ring online then  Consider 7 Things  while buying jewelry online.

4. Choose ring according to your occupation which shouldn’t bother your daily lifestyle.

5. Don’t forget to have a look at your nails which help you elongate your fingers, if you really have  small fingers.

6. Universally, round diamond shapes work for any type of hand, larger or smaller.

Therefore, select your engagement ring according to your profession, lifestyle and personality. Find the most suitable engagement ring that suits your personality.  Sign up on Plushvie to browse through beautiful ring design and couple bands for him and her

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