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At whatever point you take a look at a piece of Jewelry, you are taking a look at a source of individual importance. Each piece is loaded up with feelings. We pick it painstakingly and we wear it for a considerable length of time, here and there notwithstanding for whatever last over generations.


This is the reason with regards to settling on a decision, it's not just about what it seems. It's about what it implies and speaks to. We must comprehend the imagery and significance in jewelry to settle on the correct decision for you, or for a friend or family member. If you are planning to buy one, you must be aware of the meaning behind the ring, necklace, band, bracelet, brooch or any other jewelry piece.



In ancient times, the engagement ring was worn on the left finger that meant that the woman’s heart belongs to the person who gave it to her. The materials like metal and steel used in these rings symbolize continuity and strength. A solitaire diamond ring signifies the eternal indestructible union between the two individuals.


In an era where marriages are found around the principals of intimacy and deeper connection, the major role that the ring plays is to secure the attachment.



The black and the gold beaded necklace is a part of one of the most sacred customs of a Hindu marriage. The word Mangal-Sutra can also be called as a ‘sacred thread’. This cord is basically worn by the bride as a symbol of marital dignity and chastity.  The mangalsutra comprises several components and each component has a special significance in the Hindu culture. The woman wearing it has the power of driving out all negative vibrations directed at her marital life.


The idea of Mangalsutra initially came off from the North and the different communities has various mangalsutra designs according to their own cultures and traditions.


What do different kinds of gemstones symbolize?



People might be astonished sometimes what these precious gemstones like diamond or gold jewelry mean? And what is the hidden significance behind these? Diamond jewelry signifies initiation, clarity, and purpose. Similarly, an emerald signifies abundance, love, and compassion. The significance of these gemstones varies from culture to culture. These were the popularized meanings of the gemstones. You can always allot them your personal meaning. So always choose the gemstone that resonates you the most.No matter what jewelry symbolizes, some customs around relationships represent giving and receiving of such symbols to signify commitment. These days the jewelry is meant to be owned as a style statement.


Intense attachment to one another but uncertain commitment makes most couples anxious about the potential loss of the partner. When a commitment is clear and mutual, that commitment highly promotes a sense of safety in the connection and the future of the relationship. So, it’s not wrong when to relax and invest when there is a sense of both present and future safety. The customs and ideologies vary but they often have a lot to do with assuring true intention to follow through.

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