Astounding Facts about Birthstone of April- DIAMOND

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People believe that Birthstones helps in attracting good luck and positivity, but no one knows the truth behind it.
However, it’s maybe about beliefs or fashion, but every month is associated with its own birthstone. Since we have entered the Month of April, it’s time to talk about its birthstone DIAMOND.
You must be thinking that Diamond is a piece of jewellery. Right? Somehow it’s correct, but in reality, it is associated with the April Month. You must have heard about the Diamond in the context of Jewellery, so this time let’s do something different.

Let’s talk some astounding facts associated with this birthstone of April Month.

Diamond is known as the King of Birthstones as it is very expensive and is used as a jewellery piece.
Do you know the colour of the diamond is based on a number of impurities present in it?
Yes, you heard it right. The green diamond gets it colour due to the radiation, the brown diamond is associated with lattice defects, blue diamond gets colour through traces of boron and the yellow diamond gets its colour through the nitrogen effect.
The real meaning of diamond is Indestructible. The word DIAMOND is ordinated from ADAMAS. It is a Greek word that means unconquerable, indestructible and unbreakable.
It is said that the rear surface of the Diamond comes through Volcanic Eruptions. To make a diamond, you require to put a lot of pressure and heat. The Earth’s core a combination of these two things.
No one knows for how much time did a diamond stayed under the core, but you can judge it according to its size.
More the time, larger the sizeOver time, diamonds came out with the Volcanic Eruptions.
It’s hard to burn diamonds. If you want to melt or burn it, you must heat it up to 1292 degree Fahrenheit, which is too much!
Diamond is made up of pure carbon. This is a single element or mineral compound. 
This birthstone can last forever. Yes, you heard it right. Diamond has an extremely rigid crystalline structure and that’s why they are the hardest substance on Earth. As you know, they are made up of Carbon particles bond, it makes the diamond stronger and adaptive to fight through all the conditions
Earlier at the time of Jewish High Priests, diamonds were considered to guess the innocence or Guilt. They use to say that if the diamond sparkles, the person is truthful and if not, the person is guilty.
diamond can be more than billions of year old. There is no real proof about the age of our planet Earth, but it is said that it is over 4.5 billion years old.
And the oldest diamond is about 3.3 billion years old. Most of the diamonds are almost that old, so now you know why diamond is so precious.
Diamond engagement ring fashion was started back in 1477. The Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave the first diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy, since then the tradition of a diamond ring was started.
In 13th century-France, only the Kings were allowed to wear diamonds
The largest diamond of the universe is not found on Earth. In reality, it was discovered on a white dwarf star named Lucy. That diamond is almost 10 billion trillion carats.
Out of all, only 20% of diamonds are used as jewellery, while the other 80% is used for industrial purposes
The Striking of Meteors can create Diamonds.
So if you are born in the month of April, feel proud of it. After all, your birth month is associated with the World’s precious stone- DIAMOND.
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