Astonishing Fun facts on the birthstone of December

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December is a month of celebration, not that this month has occasions like Christmas and New Year. It is believed that December is associated with three birthstones:Tanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise.

Each of these birthstones carries a cool blue tone, which is directly emblematic to the winter season.All three birthstones were once a part of the vintage treasure. Other than this, these are associated with some astonishing facts. So let’s talk about them.


1.    Turquoise




•    The word ‘turquoise’ is derived from the country name ‘Turkey’. This stone has made its own way from Turkey to Europe.


•    In 1912, Turquoise was declared as a birthstone of December month. This stone is also an official gem for celebrating the 5th and 11th wedding anniversaries.


•    This stone comes in sea green, sea blue, and light blue color.


•    In ancient times, it was believed that Turquoise birthstone keeps the person away from illness and evil intentions.


•    It was also said that the stone has the power to attract happiness, strength, and good luck.


•    Turquoise changes its color and people believe that it is symbolic to the lifecycle of a human, i.e. birth to death.


•    It is the world’s oldest gemstone and has been used as jewelry for over thousands of years.


•    Turquoise is not as hard as any other birthstone, therefore, it should be handled with care.


2.    Zircon



•    Zircon comes in a wide range of colors, but out of all, the most famous one is blue.


•    This stone was first found in Australia and it is believed that this stone is almost 4.4 billion years old.


•    In earlier times, Zircon was used for persuading sleep, motivating wisdom, and to encourage honor.


•    Some people believe that the particular stone has the power of keeping the evil spirits and infections away.


•   This stone looks like a diamond and it is harder than any birthstone. Also, when they are compared to other birthstones stones of the same weight, zircon appeared to be smaller, since they weigh equal to them.


•    Zircon is harder than Turquoise.


3.    Tanzanite



•    In 2002, Tanzanite was declared as the birthstone of December month.


•    Tanzanite is brittle and can be worn daily. But the person should take care while knocking it against anything and also while exposing it to extreme temperature changes.


•    It is a form of a Zoisite mineral and was formed 585 million years ago.


•    This stone is only found in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania. This place is only 4square km wide. That is why this stone is very rare.


•    It harder than Turquoise.


•    Tanzanite is a perfect gift for the 24th wedding anniversary.


•    This stone is a member of the zoisite family. It is very unique as it only comes in blue/violet color. Amazingly, it reflects different colors from every angle.


•    This stone was found in 1968 and it is known as the most beautiful gemstone. Its name is derived from the country ‘Tiffany’.


So after talking about the December birthstones, we can say that, whichever stone you prefer, either turquoise, zircon or new tanzanite, all will work well for this month.

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DecemberTanzanite, Zircon, and Turquoise

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