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When choosing gifts for women, we forget that perfect placement leads to a perfect frame! Whether it comes to your home décor or body décor, choosing the apt thing is essential. The will of self-adornment keeps you pushing to buy the perfect ornament and enhance your beauty.


When it comes to neckpieces, women go gaga about the hot trends. Fortunately, it is now easy to buy jewellery online. It is the most elegant way to control the movement of viewer's eyes from the 'least to be seen' to 'need to be emphasized' area of your body. You don't choose the necklace; the necklace chooses you. It's also important to take into account, the general appearance of your body face shape and clothing along with necklace length to create a stunning result. Same goes for earrings. All of us have different types of facial features and shapes. Consider these factors while buying a pair of earrings for yourself.


Before you stress over finding out the various necklace types and the perfect combination for you, let me make it a cakewalk for you to know what will best suit your persona. Consider some of the factors for choosing the right length of the necklace.

  • Necklace Length

1. Collar: They are best suited for 12-14 inches neck. They are popular for elegant occasions and catch the attention with V-neck, boat or ballet neck and off the shoulder necklines. Shorter chains emphasise your neck area, so you would want to choose tops that allow you to expose that area. These look most flattering on those who have long, slender necks. Women with a rectangular, oblong and heart-shaped face can soften and diminish the sharp angle through it.

2. Choker: These single or multi-stranded neckpieces are 15-16 inches in length. When it comes to attire, they go with almost everything except turtlenecks. They balance a rectangle or heart-shaped face by softening an angular chin. Chokers work beautifully on long, thin necks or 'swan neck'. However, do note: if worn on short necks, it can make your neck look stubby.

3. Princess: This most versatile length of 17-19 inches hangs just below your collarbone. This turns out to be the model length for formal wear and can also marry well with almost anything in your closet. You could wear it with a t-shirt or simple top just as perfectly as you could with a dress or other formal attire.So, on your friend's special day, you now know the best birthday gift for her.

4. Matinee: Matinees are 20-24 inches necklaces, which sit between the collarbone and the bust. It gives a great look both for business as well as casual wears. We recommend wearing simple tops to avoid clashing with busy patterns.

5. Opera: At 28-30 inches, it is twice the size of a choker and hangs below the bust area. Evening wear, formal blouses and higher neckline outfits work well with these. Opera necklaces go well with round and oval faces. Women with wrinkled and wide neck should opt for this as it withdraws the viewer's attention away.

6. Rope and Lariat: These neckpieces are over 45 inches long and go best with elegant evening and business wear. The rope hangs close to navel and Lariat styles can be tied in various knots to make a lasting statement. This long neckpiece becomes almost a part of your outfit and is suitable for all face shapes. 

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  • Neckline

Based on the necklines, following type necklaces suit the outfits. Select the right one for the outfits you are wearing to get perfectly stunning look. 

1) V-shaped necklaces generally enhance the V-shape necklines and grab the attention.


2) Crew neck outfits are best worn with collar necklaces.

3) Scoop necks turn out to be very attractive for both short as well long necklaces.

4) Straplessoutfitlooks best when paired with a choker necklace.

5) Best compliment for square neckline are shorter necklaces which fall on collarbones.

6) Generally, off-shoulder tops look best when paired with asymmetric necklace. You can choose from a variety of options including chokers or multi-strand pieces.

7) Boatneck tops be it ethnic or western, it is best to wear an opera necklace length with this kind of tops.


  • Face shape

  1. Oval 

If you have an oval face, you are lucky as you can wear any length or any type of necklace.

  1. Round

For round faces, longer necklaces are just perfect. Try and avoid wearing small chunky necklaces or chokers which make your face look rounder.Opera and Matinee are the ideal lengths for round faces.

  1. Heart-shaped

The suggestions for the heart-shaped faces are unlike round faces.Small necklaces like a choker and multi-strand necklace look ravishing on you.Choker and princess are the ideal length of necklace for heart-shaped faces.

  1. Oblong

Oblong is kind of rectangular face, wearing smaller length of necklace makes your face look smaller.Avoid wearing thin chains or delicate necklaces. Short and Bold chokers will look pretty good on you.

  1. Square

Square faces need necklaces with length to soften their jaw lines. Princess, matinee, opera and rope length neck pieces are just perfect.


Hence, choose the jewellery that is complementary to the shape of face and helps you highlight the best feature.

  • Height and BodyType

1. If you are short, choose the jewellery that creates an illusion of added height. Wear Matinee, Opera or Ropelength of necklaces. This helps elongate the upper body.
2. If you have average height, don’t make any special efforts. Any length of necklace will suit you.
3. So, If you have extra tall than lengthier and bigger necklaces will suit you better.Experiment your look by wearing necklaces length of choker to waist length.

Style Tips:

  • Utilize your necklace to emphasize your best features on your body or vice versa.
  • You can always do trial and error with different types of necklaces on different types of outfits. Just Remember- Don’t overdo your jewellery game.
  • Ultimately, finding the perfect necklace for you is completely your personal choice. You can decide which type of necklace will look perfect on your body.


A gorgeous necklace is the focal point of female body. When planning to select new necklace to wear or even before purchasing it, you should consider the points like length of necklace, face shape, height and body type etc.
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