It’s hard to break real relationships

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You must have heard that “those people are lucky who have some true friends.” And if that true friend is your childhood friend, it’s much better. You can do crazy things together and not get judged. But sometimes a misunderstanding can ruin any friendships.

This story is about two childhood friends, Jhanvi and Kritika. They were very good together but something happened between them which changed everything.



(Narration: as Jhanvi)


That day we were sitting together in the backyard as Kritika came back from her hostel. It’d been a while since we had any deep conversation. She was studying Medicine from a well-known college. We had thousands of stories to tell each other. We were talking and suddenly we heard a voice from our back. “How weird it is to tolerate each other. Don’t you get bored?” It was my brother. “Not at all,” we replied. We both stared at each other and laughed. I continued “You know how lucky people are who have the same best friend at every stage of life? I know you will never understand because you are not capable of making friends.” That’ show my brother and I would tease each other. He made a weird face and went away. We continued our talk.





After a couple of hours of recollecting our old memories, Kritika interrupted me.


“Hey! Listen I want to tell you something.”


“Something? I know everything about you.” I laughed.


“No! It’s a very important thing and I have been trying to tell you for many years but I was looking for the right moment,” she replied.


I got a little confused and asked her, “Really?”


“Yes,” she replied, “I and your brother are dating each other.” I laughed. I thought that it was a joke.


“Why are you laughing? I am serious,” she continued.


This time I could see the intense look on her face. I know this face. She uses to make it when she is really worried about something.


“How long have you been dating each other?” I asked curiously. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I still can’t believe you.”


“For 3 years,” she replied. “I’ve been dating him since I started college. I got so confused about everything and I wanted to tell you in person. But whenever I came back in vacations, we never got enough time to talk about it because of your exams. Since your college is over I thought this is the right time to tell you.”


I gazed at her. She continued, “I am sorry! We are very sorry! We didn’t know that how will you feel after hearing this.”


I felt weird and I didn’t have anything to say. “You should have told me.” I stood up and went to my room.


There were so many things going in my mind. I was confused. I mean my friend and my brother? It doesn’t seem right and why didn’t they tell me before? This was the only thing I was thinking. I was very angry. I decided to take some time alone. My brother and my friend tried to talk to me but I didn’t feel like talking to them. I locked myself in the room. They came to me several times to convince me, but I had nothing to say so I ignored.


Now, it’d been more than 2 weeks. I was missing my best friend and my brother. I missed talking to Kritika. I missed fighting with my brother. I knew that they should have told me but I also understood their point of view. Actually, I got no time for them so how could they tell me? I knew that I had to do something special for them. So what could be as special as gifting a jewelry piece?


I visited the PLUSHVIE’s site and ordered a ring and a bracelet. I packed both of the gifts in the attractive box and put our photo on it. In that box, I kept a note saying Congratulations. I kept it in my brother’s room and parcel another one to my friend’s house. I was thinking what will be their reaction and would they forgive me...lots of thoughts were going in my mind. I heard a knock on my door. Kritika and my brother were standing outside my room. They came inside and hugged me. Kritika said, “Thank you for understating me and supporting us.”

It’s been 12 years since this incident happened. Now, they are married and living a happy life. I am glad that I supported them.

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