Type of Jewellery you need for Monsoon

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Out of all the seasons in India, Monsoon is something we Indians desperately wait for! After all, the hot summer never fails to exhaust us, *sighs*. The temperature finally goes down and the environment becomes extremely moist in rainy season, the cold breezy air and the colorful sky covered with clouds and rainbows doesn’t allow us to take our eyes off of it. 


While enjoying this vibrant atmospheric change, have you ever thought about looking effortlessly charming? As far as fashion is concerned, they are not so monsoon-friendly but we bring you the list of products that you would love to flaunt in the rains. Just keep reading the blog to get all the answers. 


Let us introduce you to our MONSOON JEWELLERY LOOK-BOOK, which our jewellery experts have designed to help you look as pretty as the monsoon sky! This style guide is going to help you get through this monsoon season quite fashionably. 


Colorful & Stunning Precious Stone-Jewellery 



The Aqua-Fresh ring with precious stones blended well with gold and diamonds in artistic designs looks splendid. These colorful stones in this colorful weather would make you look very much in-tune with the rainy season!


The sparkling silver



This type of silver earrings will definitely be your Go-to look. It works great when you are just going out to explore the weather or having dinner with your friends during the damp evenings. The sizzling silver jewelry comes with amazing health benefits along with being very much pocket-friendly which is again cherry on the cake. 

Minimal Gold Pendants


The glittering gold jewellery goes well with every outfit in every season. But as far as monsoon is here, you need to wear minimal gold jewellery which is light in weight and easy to maintain. Heavy jewellery would just add discomfort and spoil your monsoon mood. 


Subtle Studs with Dazzling Diamonds 


The sparkling diamonds making a floral design in center and giving a finishing touch to these spiral rose gold earrings are a “must have” in every woman’s jewellery collection! They are simple yet elegant, small yet classy and comfortable yet compelling. These earrings are easy to carry and maintain during the entire monsoon. 


Sophisticated Simple Jewellery 



The design clearly emphasizes on simplicity and as they say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, this kind of jewellery goes perfectly with your professional attires at the office since it makes you look organized and sophisticated. Hence, always combine this kind of simplistic jewellery with your formal wardrobe. It helps you feel light while enhancing your professional look. 


Timeless Pearl 



The pearl jewellery has mesmerized and beautified women since centuries now! It has the ability to make any woman look graceful. It has an authentic and pure look which is just timeless and perfect for monsoon!

Fortunately, all these varieties of jewellery pieces are available at one stop, www.plushvie.in. We have a huge collection of branded jewellery products with the certificate of authenticity and BIS Hallmark. You can even buy the jewellery on EMI and pay at ease. Get ready this monsoon with this amazing jewellery collection. Just log in to plushvie.in and choose your favorite Precious Monsoon Jewellery. Get your style updates right and turn heads this rainy season.


Happy Monsoon to you and your family!

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