Smart Jewellery Styling Tips and Tricks in 2018

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Smart Jewellery Styling Tips and Tricks in 2018


Some alluring tips and tricks for jewellery styling. Check out the blog to get the latest update in jewellery market. 



Who doesn’t love jewellery styling which helps you getting compliments your outfit and looks? Every other girl, Right? 

We’ve assembled a bunch of handy jewellery style tips/ tricks which will help you in wearing fine everyday jewellery and make the best use of your jewellery collection without getting bored that complements your sense of style, personality, and outfit. 

1) Know when to Stop

Fashion Tips: The first point while wearing jewellery pieces is to keep in mind where you want to get attention on jewellery or outfit.  Also, if you’re wearing an outfit that’s intended to catch the attention then it’s usually best not to make the attention on jewellery pieces.

Decide where to draw your attention? Or What do you want the focus point of your outfit to be?  


For instance, if you are already wearing statement Danglers, then you should go subtle with the necklaces in order to avoid unnecessary attention.  Know when to stop.

Always remember: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” – Coco Channel





2) Go less – Go Minimalistic

Fashion Tip:  With the new fashion trends pouring each day, minimalism is ruling everything from your new wardrobe collection to your jewellery pieces. The World of fashion is investing more in less. Check out our collection of top minimalistic jewellery designs for having glamorous look.

Trendy jewellery pieces like statement earrings are pointless to buy, as it is harder to pair up them with everything from your wardrobe.

 Go and search of delicate and small jewellery pieces which can be worn at any moment you’d like wearing them. 


• Skinny Rings or Midi Rings 

Skinny rings or midi rings gives you complete freedom to match them with other bold rings and everyday watches. To create the perfect feminine look or to make your hand more attractive go for midi-minimalistic rings, at the middle-upper part of the finger.

• Layered Necklaces 

Dainty necklaces are something you’ll see everywhere.  As buying these necklaces can get pricey at times, therefore you can pair-up your existing chains and choker necklaces of various sizes to make the beautiful layered necklace of your own.  





3) Invest more in classic jewellery piece 

Fashion Tip: Try not to be slave of latest trends. Following current trends at the cost of your own taste and personality is not good idea at all. Instead invest in more classic jewellery pieces which never go out of style. Also, it suits your personality and makes you feel more confident. Remember, buying classic jewellery can be good investment for you. 

You will most certainly feel like wearing this classic jewellery pieces even after 10 years of buying it.  Plus Point: “Those who held there precious jewellery over a decade has seen its value more than double” - Anonymous


• Diamond/ Pearl Stud  

Diamond stud is something every girl must possess in their jewellery collection. These studs look pretty on everyone irrespective of their facial tone and shape.




4) Don’t try to match every jewellery pieces

Fashion Tip: A simple-dull outfit will be transformed into something very stunning look with your jewellery pieces. But wearing colour co-ordinate jewellery is not good option as it might look too gaudy.


 Don’t try to wear red shoes on red outfit with red jewellery pieces. You’ll end up looking Santa clause

One last time -

Dressing up with jewellery should be fun and it should kept customized to your personality and choices. It’s good to keep in mind the current fashion scenario and dress accordingly. But, kindly avoid being the slaves of current trends by following it blindly.  To expand your wardrobe of jewellery collection just experiment with different pieces when you have extra time. It’s always great to treat yourself with some bling bling...! Log in to Plushvie to explore trending jewellery pieces which go with your style. 

“Go for it” If it works for you. Be creative and mix-match your jewellery pieces and discover your personal style. HAPPY DRESSING!

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