Fun Facts about Birthstones of the JUNE

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Did you know that June is one of the few months which has not one, not two but three birthstones!!!
Yes, guys, June has three birthstones namely Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone.
These stones range from beautiful natural pearls found in the oceans bay to rare alexandrite which changes colour, a gem acquired right form the treasures of the earth and exquisite moonstones.
The month of June houses these three unique gemstones giving June babies options to choose from and rock the stone in their jewellery pieces as per their choice.
Star signs for June are Gemini (May 21-June 20)  and Cancer (June 21-July 22), they are loyal, quick-witted, friendly, clever, intuitive and sentimental.
To complement these qualities the stones Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone add value as they represent the properties of healing, loyalty, calmness, an everlasting friendship that drives the positive forces of life.

Fun facts about the Stones



• Pearl is the only stone which is produced by the aquatic species. It will be safe to say that they are the only stones made by living organisms. They are acquired from the oceans bay, found inside the oyster's shell.
• Very few people are aware of this fact that oysters have a male gender when they are born but transform into a female after 3 years.
• The name Pearl originated from the Old French word for perle, from the Latin perna which means “leg”, referring to the leg-of-mutton shape of an open mollusc shell. 
• Due to the rarity of pearl, its perfect round shape and smooth surface it is considered as an uncommon and rare stone.
• Most of the pearls are found in the colour, off-white and cream, however, one can find pearls in almost all the colours available in the rainbow. One can find a pearl in the most classic white colour, natural white colour, black colour, golden pearls, chocolate colour, pink and lavender coloured pearls also exist in the natural form in different parts of the world.


• Alexandrite is a gem discovered from the treasures of the earth. It is one of the most unique and rarest gems in the gem family, owing to its quality and unique feature of changing colours from green to red (pinkish-purple).
• It has a rare chemical composition and mineral chrysoberyl which is responsible for the colour changing feature, due to this it has been given the name a nickname of a chameleon in the world of gem, there’s a saying attached to this gem which goes like this “Emerald by Day, Ruby by Night”
• Alexandrite was found in the Russian mines, they have named the gem after Russian Czar Alexander II in his honour.
• It is also the official gemstone of Imperial Russia as it changes its colour from bluish green to pinkish red, which also happens to be the national colours of the nation. It seems as if the gem was discovered just for them, isn’t it!!
• Alexandrite has a very powerful impact on the wearer it helps one boost his self-esteem and confidence. It brings one love, happiness and success as well.t is suggested to be a travellers stone and a barometer as well.


• Moonstone is a part of the most valuable feldspar - which is a group of minerals and rocks, it is composed of two elements Albite and Orthoclase.
• It is said that one can find moonstone in all the colours of the rainbow, however, most commonly the following colours are found in the moonstones blue, cream, yellow, peach, pink and grey.
• Moonstone is associated with the 3rd anniversary, it is said that couples celebrate their anniversary most likely with this stone, by the way of gifting each other a ring or pendant available in different colours.
• Moonstone was named by the Roman natural historian Pliny, famously known for his work on moonstones and also claimed that with the shift of the moon the shimmer of the moonstone also changes as per the law. 
• Moonstone is believed to have healing properties, it addresses many ailments like calming one from the fear of the unknown, relaxing a person’s mental and physical state, gives one wisdom to take accurate decisions and so on.
These were some fun facts about the Birthstones of the month, hope you learned something new about the stones.
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Any which ways - Stay stylish, stay glamorous!!!!

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