What if Krishna Ji would have born in 21st Century?

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What if Krishna Ji would have born in the 21st Century?
With the prosperous festival of Janmashtami right around the corner, there are so many preparations one needs to do. Special occasions like Janmashtami have a propensity to be full of magnificence. This is the day when Lord Krishna’s supporters and devotees sing devotional hymns, pujas, aarti, take pleasure in dancing while rejoicing the birth ceremony of Lord Krishna. To keep up with this festival’s vibes, many ceremonies are performed. Janmashtami gift exchange has become an integral part of this festival’s celebration along with other traditionally activities followed. This auspicious day calls for immense enthusiasm. People usually opt for dry fruits, Indian sweets, and other traditional gifts for the Janmashtami celebration. Let’s go through this article to figure out what is the importance of gifting. Bhagavad Gita has been guiding us all this along, let’s head its way to figuring this out. Let’s roll the dices. 
1. “A man is made by his beliefs. As he believes, so he becomes.”
Willpower works as a fuel. And what better to motivate you than the smiles of your loved ones? Beliefs make your trouble sound not so troubling. For someone who has not had any prior encounter with buying jewelry, it could seem like an unending battle. Believing that you are reach enough to buy jewelry, can get you half way there. You can and you will. 
2. “The body is temporary, the soul is permanent.”
Occasions like Diwali, Janmashtami, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, birthdays, anniversaries are just an excuse to let someone know what they mean to you. It’s never about the money but is always about the feelings residing in them. Needless to say. Gifting people on such occasions is temporary. What is going to last in their memories are the feelings behind them.
3. “Perform your obligatory duty because an action is indeed better than inaction.”
Gifting your loved ones is not an obligation but is a way to express your concern and care towards them. Your words might not be able to express your feelings, but your actions can. This Janmashtami, shower your friends and family members with love and amazing surprises. Gift them something precious they could get a lot of use out of which. Jewelry is the best minimal gift that speaks for itself. But here’s a catch, choosing jewelry could be tricky. Poor choice of jewelry is better than no jewelry. 
4. “Action is the product of the qualities inherent in nature.”
Having a sound balance between life and relationships is essential. It is needless to point out how your littlest of action speak for themselves. It is these gestures which show how special these people are and going an extra mile for them is always relieving and fulfilling. To infer from what Krishna ji has taught, one can say "Gift is the product of Love inherent in the Relationship"
5. “Develop the right attitude towards your job and even the most mundane work becomes a source of joy.”
Your perspective makes a huge difference. You can see things differently due to that. If your approach on various aspects is positive you’ll notice how it changes the way you see things. Acknowledge the people who are making your life worth having. Having a right attitude towards your feelings can even make the weakest of relationships turn into the strongest bonds.
The lessons in our vedas and shastras are as relevant today as they were before. We just need to look at them with the correct perspective. To tell you the truth, the lessons of happy lives and healthy relatioships are all stored inside these holy books. To pull out one aspect from all these, we can say that Gifting something precious to the special ones, is the Key to maintaining a healthy relationship and a happy family. At Plushvie, we strive hard to bring more sparkles to your happiest moments by helping you create The Best possible Gifting moment ever in your life.
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