Creating Jewellery that makes India proud

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Plushvie – Creating Jewellery that makes India proud


This Independence Day, Plushvie takes pride in being a part of the process that will take India to new heights. Happy Independence day 2018

India, the land of the lost Koh-i-noor has been known for its Diamonds throughout history. And the 21st century is no different. Today India is the largest diamond cutting and polishing centre in the world and is well on its way to be the fastest growing diamond market in the world. A large chunk of diamond worldwide has had some contribution from the Indian Diamond Market. Today, 14 out of 15 diamonds sold in the world markets, are either cut or polished in India.  Surat and Mumbai are the two biggest contributors of the diamond industry in India and worldwide.  Surat is the principle Diamond Manufacturing Hub of India. The Bandra Kural Complex in Mumbai, or the Mumbai BKC is popularly known as the Diamond Trading Hub of India. 



And not just Diamonds, the entire Gems and Jewellery sector contributes approximately 7% of India’s GDP. This sector not only employs over 4.64 million workers in India, it also has a remarkable export promotion potential, which is already as high as 15.71 percent to India’s total merchandise exports. This means that the Indian gems and jewellery sector is an essential component of both the Indian economy and the foreign markets.

Plushvie is proud to be a part of sector that contributes upto 29% of the global jewellery consumption. We work to take the sector forward that has been declared as the focus area for export promotion by the Government of India, on the basis of its great potential for growth and value addition to the Indian economy. In order to promote ‘Brand India’ in the International Market, the Government has undertaken various measures to promote investments and to upgrade technology and skills in the Indian Gem and Jewellery Sector. 
We, at
Plushvie aim to contribute to the
jewellery industry in India which will inadvertently boost the Indian economy. By harnessing the potential of this industry, we seek to contribute to the Indian economy by offering more job opportunities and eventually increasing the sector’s share of the Indian GDP by increasing the revenue opportunities for the experts, artisans and jewellery manufacture working at different scales across the country.



With the changing trends, Plushvie customizes its products’ specifications to suit the demands of the customers. All the while maintaining the best quality of its products. The strength of the Indian Gem and Jewellery Sector lies in precision cutting, polishing and processing of the gems, and we simply refuse to compromise on these or any other aspect. Therefore, all products at Plushvie are 100% certified for authenticity. To achieve such a high standard of products, we constantly work towards making use of the latest technology available. It takes us all the way to boosting India’s overall growth - GDP contribution, employment opportunities, exports and foreign exchange, technological advancements and entrepreneurial skill sets, etc.

With the way things are currently going, it is not hard to envisage a future where India produces many more Koh-i-noors to replace the one it has lost. This Independence Day Plushvie takes pride in being a part of this process that will take India to new heights. 

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