Golden Learnings from Diamond Jewellery for the Elections 2019

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The mood for General Elections 2019 is all set and the citizens want to cast their votes now.

It is that moment of the 5 years' tenure that ignites a lot of debates, curiosity, and excitement amongst all of us.

Here are Top 5 golden learnings from jewellery which you can’t ignore before voting this election.


Before you vote, remember these points:


1) All that Glitters is not Gold



It is essential to check the Purity of Gold prior to buying the glittering metal from any jeweller. Buy Only from the authentic places, like Plushvie. 


Similarly, Don’t get in the PR trap of the political parties. Use your own analytical skills to understand what is Pure Gold and what is Fake. You should take equal care while casting your vote as you do while shopping for jewellery. 

2) Diamond is a piece of charcoal, that performed well under pressure



Always choose the Real Diamond over the Lab-Grown ones, not because it looks elite and precious but because it has its own history of making.


The Real Diamond knows how to handle pressure, how to face heat and turn it into its own benefit.



The Real Diamond goes through a long process of cutting, polishing and faceting to achieve its glory, unlike the lab-grown diamonds that try to look similar to the real diamonds, but, actually can’t perform under pressure.

Hence, check whether you have opted for the real diamond or not.


3) Don’t trust the promises, check the Hallmark



While shopping for jewellery, you always make sure to check the hallmark for the purity of Gold.


It is in your benefit to ignore the plain promises of the sellers and check the Hallmark yourself. 

Remember, you shouldn’t buy jewellery, on the basis of promises only.

Similarly, you shouldn't cast your vote, on the basis of promises only .


Tip: Check the Authenticity Yourself.

4) Your Decision, Your Investments


Jewellery shopping is a crucial investment.

One wrong decision and your investment will go in vain.
One mistake and it might cost you a fortune.
Hence, you should always be alert while making an investment decision with precious jewellery.
Similarly, voting is also an investment. You are investing your precious vote to form a governing body for 5 years.
Consider voting as an investment, because if done well, you will get an excellent return on investment (ROI).


5)    After sales services are extremely important



Gold and Diamond jewellery says: "Don’t always go for discounts and freebies, instead, buy from a place, where you will get a reliable after-sales services."

Many sellers will provide jaw-dropping discounts and freebies to lure customers.

However, you should also focus on the factors like the credibility of the offer, reputation of the seller, availability of after-sales services, etc if we choose them. 

Remember, Always check for after-sales services, whether you go shopping for jewellery or casting your vote.


In a nutshell, precious jewellery teaches us some essentially important aspects of our duty. You should never ever be influenced by promises, offers, discounts and freebies someone throwing at you. Remember these points while you go out and cast your vote this election. Also, spread these points with your friends and people around you to make them aware of their duty. 
Tip: Perform your duty well and make a wise investment decision. 



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