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Every birthstone has some special significance and history behind its origination. The birthstones have some incredible powers in terms of happiness, prosperity, luck and health. Birthstones are adorned beautifully as they have some personal connotation for every individual. For the gifting purpose, birthstone jewellery such as gemstone studded rings and pendants are definitely a stunning and remarkable gift for the loved ones. 
Therefore, let’s understand the facts and significance of the March birthstone that is Aquamarine

About March Birthstone – Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is taken from the Latin words i.e. sea and water. The timeless and eternal aquamarine gemstone has splendid pastel blue colour and it’s a symbol of faithfulness, youth, hope and good health. The people born in March wear aquamarine birthstone in distinctive rings and pendants. From deep teal to crystal blue colour, the aquamarine colour range in different shades. The darker the tint of the gemstone, it will be more expensive, especially the aquamarine birthstone. 
It is also believed that aquamarine birthstone has some stunning powers, which includes: 

  • Brings prosperity and happiness 
  • Make life more lively and energetic 
  • Increased acumen and intellectual powers 
  • Reduces negativity and effects of poison 
  • Increased audacity 
So, these were some of the essential details about the aquamarine birthstone. Now, let’s just know more about the fascinating facts about the birthstone. 

Facts about the Aquamarine Birthstone

The majority of people recognize the aquamarine birthstone as a beautiful and stunning gemstone because of its clear sea blue colour. However, apart from its mesmerizing beauty, this birthstone has been used from the ancient times for healing, specifically, it has the power to soothe and tranquil the nerves. During the ancient period, Romans believed that the aquamarine gemstone has significant healing properties to cure the serious medical problem cognate to throat, stomach and liver. Additionally, it is also advantageous to reduce the level of anxiety and depression
Even for the sailors, an aquamarine birthstone is a secret treasure, which keeps them safe and secured, especially from Satan. Besides that, aquamarine birthstones are a perfect symbol of fidelity, courage, youthfulness and intelligence. The March birthstone is considered as one of the precious gemstones after emerald and morganite. In addition, the aquamarine gemstone is quite soft and can easily be cut into a variety of shapes and styles for elegant jewellery.
Furthermore, for contemporary fashion jewellers, aquamarine gemstone is the perfect one as it can be assorted into different shapes and styles, which gives the freedom to the designers of creative inventions and trendy designs in aquamarine jewellery.    
Now, the valuable and precious aquamarine raw stones were first founded in Brazil in 1910 in 243 pounds. And, there are some other countries in which aquamarine gem material have been founded are Afghanistan, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania and two others. While talking about the colour of the aquamarine gemstone, it ranges from the blue-green to sea-foam green and teal. The aquamarine jewellery is absolutely splendid and fascinating for every individual, especially for the people born in March. Moreover,you can catch a glimpse of the amazing jewellery pieces on PLUSHVIE.  

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