Minimalistic Jewellery Trends this summer

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Beating the heat this summer we are here to give you some trending style tips which will help you stay glamorous and chic this summer break, with minimalistic trend soaring high and being a saviour for almost all of us.

Keeping up the glam quotient high this look will help you look your best making sure you are ready to Rock your look.


You must be wondering by now what is minimalism?


Minimalism by definition is a trend which promotes the saying “less is more”. And before even the thought pops up in your mind about it being boring, let me tell you guys Minimilism is a style trend which helps one elevate ones personality by dressing their best with minimal layering of accessories or cloths.Minimalism is a trend which is all pervasive, the best part about this trend is it caters to all seasons, occasions and all age groups.

Here are some top 5 trends to keep in mind while styling your look this summer.


Simplicity at its best. Make it statement with simple diamond ring

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Cool Girl jewellery and Twinkle love you ring is no exception

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A golden necklace can also elevate your entire look

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Watch out for these trends this summer and let us know about your favourite trend by incorporating these ideas with your daily outfits. Simply tag us on Facebook as well as on Instagram @Plushvie on your posts or pictures and get a chance to win jewellery vouchers.

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