Mother’s Day: Why just a day?

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Mother’s Day: Why just a day? 


Mothers are walking miracles! She is truly a backbone of our families and the best creation of God. She is the person who has always selflessly nurtured her family throughout her life by playing all the kinds of roles we could think of. Isn’t she truly amazing? She is a super and a multitalented woman whose capabilities and love we often fail to notice! SIGHS!

It’s rightly said that:


“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have 2 hands?”


Mothers take the responsibility of maintaining peaceful and healthy relationships with everyone. She works day-in and day-out to fulfill the needs and requirements of everyone in the house. The love of a mother is the strongest of all, it’s a powerful force that soothes and strengthens everyone who is privileged to be a part of her family.

She is our go-to person, our emergency call, our best-friend, our chef, our doctor, our savior and our emotional support. A mother’s heart is always with her family. She is the one who lightens our mood after a long tiresome day. Her warmth and her prayers have always given tremendous strength to the family. Let’s take a moment and thank her with a precious gift in return of her unconditional compassion.Check out the 10 best gifting ideas for your mom.



But is it really enough to thank her on just 1 day out of all the 365 days? Mothers deserve a lot more than this. She is the only person who doesn’t expect much in return of her efforts, even the tiniest of gestures can please her loving soul. Those gestures can include a few words describing how important she is in your life or a some jewelry pieces as a present or a hand-made card or a tight hug after she has had a long tiresome day or giving her a break from her daily chores or gifting her something she loves or just anything that brings a smile on her face. Hence, here are some ideas that can delight your mum. Is it really difficult to tell a MOTHER about her value in our lives? Well, it isn’t! So, prioritize taking care of her and keep appreciating her as many times as possible and in as many ways as possible.


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