Myths about Diamond/Gold you shouldn’t believe

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There plenty of people out there who don’t have enough knowledge about this in order to make a solid decision. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most common myths and facts so you can know the importance of gold and diamond. Let’s take a look at some of the most common jewellery myths we hear till date.

1) Uncommon Myths about Diamond

Diamond has been the most precious gem stone in history it has been gracing the royals as well as the commoners for many decades here are some amazing myths nad facts about these lovely gemstone.

Myth 1- Diamond has side effects

Diamond has many healing properties; it is believed to be having exceptional healing abilities, considered by some in past to be the “miracle stone”. Having a  variety of healing properties, including the ability to cure stomach aches, memory loss, fatigueness, depression, mental illness, nightmares, skin disease and many other ailments.
Hence, Diamonds doesn’t bring any negative or adverse effect on your health. The stone is always believed to bring happiness and prosperity in one’s life.

Myth 2- Diamonds aren’t the rarest stone

Diamonds are really rare on the surface of earth however they are quite commonly found amongst the minerals of the universe, they are available as the hardest material found on earth.However, there are certain cuts and colour which are the rarest to be found on the planet earth. American Diamonds made in laboratory are available in abudance but the purest and original diamonds are hardly available.

Myth 3- Diamonds doesn’t have resale value at all

It is very common misconception that diamonds don’t possess any resale value. However, it isn’t true. Actually the diamonds have been sold since ages and never in the history, the prices of Diamonds have lowered than the current market price. Investment in diamonds always gives you very good return over investment (ROI) if you can identify an investment grade diamond pretty well. There are some commonly available guidelines on how to buy diamonds, which if followed properly, can lead you to a nice investment destination that can be helpful anytime to you. 
Investing in Diamonds never fail. Because you are not investing your money alone, while purchasing a diamond jewelry, we are buying it for making our memories immortal. You get return over your investment immediately when you gift it to HER. Hence, it’s absolutely advisable to invest in diamonds for both the reasons that it does not only provide you returns in financial terms but also in terms of strengthening your relationships too. 

Myth 4- Diamonds come from Coal

Though there are definitely similarities, diamonds are not made of coal.  Both the substances and processes are different and unique. Diamond requires more heat and pressure as compared to coal.  Carbon that forms coal is not as pure as that which forms diamonds.
Diamonds even before being cut and polished bear no resemblance to coal. Also, colour and hardness are two obvious differences. Even though the two have similar origins the two are completely different.

Myth 5- Real Diamonds shine in the Dark

Not true at all.  Diamonds don’t shine in the darkness. Diamond never shine in the dark or until and unless single ray of light comes to it.   It is plain and simple diamonds aren’t source of light but instead they reflect the one. 

Myth 6- The Bigger the stone the more expensive

The bigger stones would weigh more and therefore cost more. But isn’t true always. It largely depends on 4cs of gemstones: Clarity, cut, colour and carat (weight). Therefore always pick the diamond on the overall qualities rather than their size only.   

How can you Identify whether it’s a real diamond or not?

Apart from the authentication provided by the jeweller himself it is always a good idea to consult a lab and test the gemstone.
Scratch Test: Take a stone and try to scratch the piece of the glass with it. The real diamond should scratch the glass. If it doesn’t then it is most likely a fake one.
Newspaper Test:  For little larger stone newspaper test works well. Place the diamond upside down over a piece of finely printed newspaper. Real Diamond however refracts the light in such a way that you cannot read the newspaper or print below the diamond. 

2) Uncommon Myths about Gold

Myth 1- Rose gold or white Gold is not a real gold

Rose Gold or White gold is essentially a mix of 75 % Gold and 25% Copper by mass which means it’s a 18K gold. 
Whereas, white gold is a mix of an alloy of gold with at least one white metal.
By definition Rose Gold and White Gold are real Gold, the only difference is in the composition of the two.

Myth 2- You have to be wealthy to invest in gold 

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions, but today investing in gold has become easier than you thought.  But the fact is you don’t need to be rich in order to invest your money in gold  all thanks to dozens ways for investing money into gold market like purchasing gold, bullions coins, EFTs, jewellery  etc  with such simple and budget-friendly options.

Myth 3- 18k gold has comparatively lesser resale value


How can you identify whether it’s a real gold or not?

1) Simply look for the Hallmark and you have your real gold identity on the Jewellery piece. If your jewellery piece does not have that it means that the ornament or the jewellery is rose gold plated or white gold plated and is not real gold. 
2) Magnet Test: Beside a pile of gold ornaments place a magnet, gold is not a magnetic metal and hence it should not be attracted to the magnet. If it’s is attracted it means it’s fake gold however if it does not pull that doesn’t mean it is not fake as non-magnetic metals are also used to counterfeit such pieces.

3) Buying Diamonds or Gold online is not Safe 

The most common myth existing in today’s day and age is that, online portals do not sell original gold or diamond jewellery. Whether looking for gold or diamond jewellery online or offline. Plushvie- an online jewellery marketplace has come up with third party authentication process due to which the clients get a certification and authentication of the products they receive along with a certificate, which insures that the clients receive the pieces which are 100% genuine.

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