Office Jewellery Do's & Don'ts

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It is needless to mention how huge part accessories play as an add-on to your entire look. People are wearing jewelry from ages to enhance their charisma. A statement piece can make a boring dress look eye-catching. As intriguing as it sounds, often times, people end up making the wrong call when it comes to their jewelry. One of the imperative things to put under consideration is to choose the most appropriate statement piece for the occasion. Jewelry is as vital as an outfit for the official event. Your choice would figure out your personality, choose well!


Office wear jewelry should be comfortable, hassle-free and of low-maintenance. Sometimes, it also depends on your profession and the workplace. So just make sure that your office-wear jewelry is minimal to match your outfit. Also, do not go for the bling that will ruin your look.

When it comes to the official events, many people find it very difficult to decide an outfit; while, their point of concern should be directed in opting the apt jewelry. That’s where we come in. We are mentioning some guidelines that you can follow if you are planning for an official event.





In the client meetings, a perfect jewelry piece will help you to stand out as an individual. Whenever you are selecting jewelry for meetings, try to understand the nature of it and then select accordingly.


For instance, everything will depend on whether you are attending the meeting with your seniors or with your peer. Both make a huge difference. But always keep in mind to go for something flashy like subtle golden bracelet, but not too shiny.





When you are appearing for an interview, always keep the jewelry minimal. Opt for simple pieces like studs in gold, pearls or diamond. You can also go for small hoops, but it should not be very shiny, that may distract the interview panel. You don’t want to overdo it. Everyone wants to seek the interviewer’s attention, to attract him/her towards your words.


Keep accessorizing elegantly over flashy fashion. Grace will also help you to draw someone’s attention in a good manner. Always avoid anything too bold or with political or religious symbols.




It’s a sort of tricky to choose jewelry for giving a presentation. Always choose the outfit according to the environment but don’t go for anything which will be too bold or too flashy. If you are deciding to wear a suit then a simple chain with light pendant will do it. But if you are opting to wear something Indian, then you must go for a pair of Gold Earrings. One can also go for pearls. They are classy, yet simple at the same time. Also, make sure to keep everything simple because your first priority will be that people pay attention to your presentation.




Just like the regular office wears, always prefer to wear something graceful when it comes to corporate dinner parties; something that highlights your professionalism. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are carrying it off very carefully. Corporate parties can be more similar to a client meeting. You can enrich your look by wearing a smartwatch in one hand. You can go for a diamond ring, keeping it sober. One can also wear a gold or diamond bracelet. It will make you look sophisticated.





In office parties, you can get creative with your wardrobe. You can wear anything you like. White gold tops will bring out the very best of you. Try to wear something feminine and go for signature pieces.


Today, the dressing has become a symbol of success which includes personal grooming, outfit, and accessories. Therefore, wear perfect jewelry to create an impression at the office. When the jewelry market comes with indefinite options to choose from, then why not play with the different styles?

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