Complete Guide on Appropriate Office Jewellery Ideas/Tips

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Complete Guide on Appropriate Office Jewellery Ideas/Tips  


Dressing for work can get tricky at times. You should be careful about choosing your outfit and accessories. Always, choose the type of jewellery that makes your look more elegant (and work-appropriate!). The simple guideline says, go for comfortable, hassle-free, everyday, low-maintenance jewellery for your workplace. Of course, your choice of jewellery will depend on the type of your profession. In more conservative office environment, you can wear stud earrings or delicate ring that doesn’t look too fancy or make any noise. Conversely, in more creative office environment, statement pieces are still appreciated.

A rule of thumb says, “Try and limit your look to not more than three pieces.” Anything out of a watch, bracelet/bangles, ring, earring and delicate chain is probably too much for any workplace. We have put together a complete office wear jewellery collection for you which helps in styling your office look. Go ahead and check it out before you read our style guide which too ensures professional chic look. We are sure that these tips will help you look smart, confident and poised.  
1.     Everyday Office

  • For most women, wearing jewellery everyday is literally obvious. But for everyday office look, remove any accessory before walking out of the door for work. 
  • It’s better to wear either a necklace or a pair of earrings instead of wearing them both, as it might look too showy for your workplace. 
  • Engagement rings/bands are totally work appropriate. Try and keep one ring in each hand.  Go for light weight and elegant jewellery in office. 
  • When it comes to fashion jewellery, don’t opt for them as they look very flashy. Also, try not to go for jewellery which is way too heavy as it may get uncomfortable for your 9-5 schedule. 
  • Solitaire diamond jewellery adds elegance to everyday work attire; there are some pieces of jewellery which are worth your investment and will also match all your outfits for years to come.
  • As they say ‘Make sure you dress for your next position’.

2.    Interview

  • For interviews keep it as subtle as possible.
  • Your focus should be on what you speak and not on what you wear. Unless you are giving interviews for fashion industry.
  • Go for minimal jewellery, like your daily wear earrings and engagement ring, which helps you to create a good impression.
  •  Your interview majorly covers one to one discussion. Hence, Big loops and motifs can distract someone’s attention from what you are saying. 
  • Obviously you can express yourself with accessories. When in interview, focus more on what you say and what more you can do. Try and wear precious jewellery compared to fashion jewellery which helps in communicating grace. For interviews,  wearing no jewellery is always better as compared to wearing loud/cheap jewellery.
  • Be careful about the size of the earrings, if your profession is into customer care or client query handling.
  • Dress for the job you want instead of the job you have.

3.  Business Meetings

  • The beauty of accessories in meetings is to help you stand out as an individual and give a pioneering edge to your personality.
  • When selecting jewellery for meetings first try and understand the nature of it and then select your jewellery accordingly. For example, the choice of jewellery would be different when you attend the board meeting that involves communication with senior level executives as compared to the casual meetings which you attend with your peers.
  • Small studs of earrings work well in both casual and formal workplaces.
  • Also, wearing bracelets create a good impression as you’ll be using a lot of hand gestures. 

4.     Formal Function/ Dinner

  • Quiet similar to office dressing, for formal functions or corporate dinner parties, wear graceful jewellery which helps you look professional yet stylish.
  • Give utmost priority to your dress and look for  formal office events. Your overall look can help you be confident especially when you are meeting clients. 
  • Uplift your look by wearing a smartwatch in one hand. 
  • Diamond Solitaire adds splendor. Go for sober diamond or gold plated bracelets which instantly gives you a sophisticated look. 

5.     Office Informal Party

  • Statement pieces are a go-to option if you want to attend office event parties.
  • Select any one statement piece and downplay others. Some signature pieces, like a graceful neck piece or a classy pair of earrings look outstanding for informal office parties.
  • Exhibit your feminine look by having a smart collection of attires and jewelleries which help in maintaining your corporate look.
  • Hint: Don’t be a type of woman who loves wearing a ring on every finger.  

Today’s work style should be about having fun with fashion and showing off individuality while keeping in mind the work ethics. The key focus should be on 1 or 2 specific items and play around with the rest! Unless and until you feel ‘confident n comfortable’ in wearing any such type of jewellery, nothing will look good on you. Today, dressing for success includes your personal grooming, outfit and accessories. Today, dressing for success includes your personal grooming, outfit and accessories. Therefore wear  jewellery to create an impression at office as the client and investors take notice of almost everything. Accessories can't be overlooked. They are the tools to convey positive message about your personality and ability to succeed. Research says that dressing is one of the most powerful tools of non verbal communication. So never ever underestimate your corporate look!

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