How Pooja made her mother-in-law, her new bff

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Pooja and Ritvik met during the first semester of their college life. It was like the cliqued but miraculous love story that began the moment their eyes crossed each other. As they got to know each other they figured how much they enjoy each other’s company in their lives.




As soon as they got they settled in their individual lives, they decided to take their relationship to the next step. They made up their minds on celebrating their commitment by tying the knots in the holy bond of marriage.




The only downside was that their family members couldn’t get past the geological and cultural barriers among them. Pooja belonged to the Bengali family, whilst Ritvik was a Maharashtra Brahmin boy. Their mother tongues were different, but their hearts spoke and understood the same language. They didn’t see this getting in their way of leading a prosperous life together. 


Problems started resurfacing when Ritvik’s parents moved in with them for a month because of the knee replacement surgery of Ritvik’s mother. Pooja was a diehard shopper and would shop every now and then. This would lead her mother-in-law to believe that she doesn’t know how to value money and has no idea how she’s going to save for the future. Pooja understands her mother-in-law’s concern, but being an independent woman she believes that her mother-in-law is just trying to interfere in her personal life. 



Every so often, Pooja’s mother-in-law would make her realize that she’s careless and has no future plans as of now.  It was just getting bigger, louder and worrisome in their daily lives. It would be extremely awkward while they all would sit down to make small talks. 



Soon, it was taking a turn into an extremely passive-aggressive atmosphere in the house. Initially, Pooja ignored but soon started fusing into hot debates with her mother-in-law. This difference of opinion has reached the level that would make them live together enormously harsh. 


Diwali was right around the corner. It was then, Pooja decided to give her relationship with her mother-in-law another trial. A fresh start wouldn’t hurt anyone, after all.


She chose to diwali gift her mother-in-law a piece of jewelry. She had decided what she was going to do but was awfully baffled when it came to deciding on one. 


There were tons of varieties and options to opt from. She was strolling through various online stores until she came across this astounding AI feature that helped her guide through the entire procedure of making an online jewelry purchase. She stumbled upon Plushvie’s trend-setting Artificial Intelligent advisor that not only directed her to look out for what she had in her mind but also gave the genuine intrinsic pointers she had to take care of while shopping online jewelry. The purity of jewelry is not compromised at all. 



The day had finally arrived. Pooja slipped it in with her mother-in-law’s morning tea and newspaper. Her mother-in-law was incredulous and had no idea what was going on.


She was overwhelmed and sat Pooja down with her to open her heart out about their situation. They both expressed their feelings and eradicated all the misunderstanding that had taken place amongst them throughout all these years. Pooja’s mother-in-law was staggeringly intimidated by Pooja’s smart investment in buying her that piece of jewelry. Overwhelmed, that day they decided to be considerate and expressive to each other.


It was that day and it is today, they gossip on calls for hours and land an ear to each other’s piece of suggestions and troubles. Pooja found herself another mother in this lifetime. Thanks to Plushvie, an online jewelry marketplace for buying authentic gold and diamond pieces. They bonded over a piece of jewelry. Who says mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law can’t be best friends? And, Pooja made her Mother-in-Law her new BFF! 


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