Priceless gifts for your sister this Rakshabandhan

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Priceless gifts for your sister this Rakshabandhan


Celebrate the joyous occassion of rakshabandhan by giving something unmatchable to your sister. Give rakhi gift which is more than token of appreciation for her.

One of the most interesting relationships is that of the one between siblings. You just can’t decide once and for all whether you hate them for fighting over the last piece of chocolate (every single time), or you love them for covering up for you when you return home later than your curfew. It is this bittersweet relationship that is celebrated on the festival of Rakhi. Traditionally this is the celebration of the relationship between a brother and a sister, the brother vowing to always protect his sister from all harm, to mark which, the sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrists and the brother gives his sister rakshabandhan gifts. Check out our rakhi collection and celebrate your underlying love with us.


Considering how far we have come from the older times when this tradition was possibly started, women today are comparatively more empowered now than they were before

.Let’s mark that change by making some of our own vows this Rakshabandhan 2018. Let’s vow that for a change it won’t be just brothers protecting sisters, but sisters protecting sisters, sisters protecting brothers and brothers protecting brothers. With the changing time, let’s change something of the old order of our traditions and make them more suited to our own times. 
So that sisters will not be the only one tying their brother's rakhis and brothers will not be the only ones looking for 
rakhi gifts for sisters. Because why is it that it is always the brothers who have to do the protection and the sisters who have to be the protected? For once, let’s give our brothers the privilege of being protected by their loved ones. Let’s make this relationship a bit more equal, and let everyone look out for each other. Because that’s what siblings do. They have each other’s back. 

Plushvie seeks to be a part of this change for the better and offers not just unique gifts for your sister but the chance for you to buy rakhi gifts online for your sisters as well as for your brothers. We, at Plushvie offer a whole range of products for you to choose from. Our Rakhi special range offers silver rakhis, rakhi silver gift coins and diamond pendants for rakhis for you to gift your sisters.



Let us do this and celebrate Rakhi a bit differently this year. Let’s make it another day for showering our family with love and gifts. Getting them 
rakshabandhan gifts, such as rakhi silver gift coins and silver rakhis and pendants, would be a symbol of your love for them. Let them know how much they mean to you by surprising them with their favorite gems and stones. After all the best part of a gift is the measure of surprise it brings to the one who is gifted by their loved one. Go ahead and check our Rakshabandhan range to buy rakhi gifts for everybody. And believe us they will love you for the getting them a gift as beautiful as your relationship is. 

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