Temple Jewelry pieces in India

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Temple jewelry is the most popular in India. When it comes to Indian jewelry, it is divided into three types:

  • Bridal
  • Spiritual
  • Temple jewelry

Temple jewelry was used to adorn the sculptures of Gods and Goddesses. All sculptures in India are decorated with heavy jewelry crafted with intricate designs. Almost every statue is embellished with large and chunky ornaments embedded with gems and beads. In earlier times, temple dancers and classical exponents used to wear temple jewelry. It used to be worn by royalty too. But now, it is coming into fashion with its rich aesthetics that indicates Indian culture. It is different from Ordinary Jewelry.


Temple jewelry is created by using pure gold, silver, and various other precious metals while Kemp, pearls, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, kundan, polka, and meenakari are used to enhance the shine of such jewelry. To endow the classical look of the temple jewelry, workers embed stones that can be either uncut or polished. These stones can give the majestic touch to the jewelry. Some of the most popular traditional designs are birds, waves, floral shapes, and statuettes of royal figures.


Usage and Types of Temple Jewelry:

Temple jewelry comes in a variety of designs. Indian classical exponents also wear this jewelry and therefore it is also known as Dante Jewelry.’This jewelry is divided into two categories:


1) Regular temple jewelry

This type of temple jewelry is worn on traditional functions such as baby showers, temple pilgrimages, and many other festivals. Chains, toe rings, necklaces, and earrings are some of the examples of this jewelry.


2) Occasional temple jewelry

Classical dancers and brides wear this jewelry. Waist belts, nose rings, anklets, hip chains, and armlets come under this category.


Is temple jewelry the part of fashion jewelry?

Nowadays, the temple jewelry is not just meant for spiritual occasions. It has become the styling for regular days. It is loved by women who love to magnify their astonishing look. Wearing the amazing designs of temple jewelry is not just about enhancing a person’s resplendence but it is also about the status symbol. This jewelry is quite expensive and hence everyone cannot afford it.

Here is some popular temple jewelry:





The most popular temple jewelry piece is chains. They can add a delicate look to a woman’s beauty. These are available in both long and short lengths so that people can choose according to their taste.


2.Necklaces and Chokers


Temple styled necklaces and chokers are very popular. They help to enhance the beauty of a woman’s neck and add magnificence to cheerful occasions. Moreover, semi-precious and precious gemstones are used to give more luster to them.


3.Bangles and Bracelets


Owning the bracelets and bangles is very important for a married woman and when it comes to temple designed jewelry, it is everyone's dream. There is a wide variety of chunky wrist ornaments from which you can choose very easily.

4.Rings and Toe-rings



Toe-rings and normal rings are very popular in India. They are available in a huge variety. It is very common to find religious idols embellished with them.

Other than these, there are some other temple jewelry designs like nose rings, anklets, armlets, and many more. Its antique designs and history have played a valuable part in making temple designs popular in the jewelry market. This jewelry type is a symbol of good luck, the most common reason for people to prefer it.

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