Trendiest mangalsutra designs for New Age Brides

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Wearing jewelry has always been a very significant aspect of the Indian culture. Especially, mangalsutra which is considered as an integral jewelry for many Indian women. It is woven in black beads and gold, considered sacred and tied around a women’s neck to symbolize the union of a man and a woman. However, the world of fashion is evolving every day by inculcating new range of trends and styles. You can't overlook choosing the necklace which suits your personality correctly.


Today millennial women want to experiment their looks with latest trends and keep their fashion quotient right. They are accepting the new-fad wholeheartedly while keeping the traditional sentiments in mind. The article is aimed to focus on the newly-wed brides who think mangalsutra is hindering their style and help the ladies to dress up with trendiest mangalsutra designs without hampering their look. It is time to revamp the boring piece of jewelry, ladies!  


New Age Mangalsutra Designs

1) Mangalsutra Bracelet

The perfect blend of tradition and modernity! This kind of design works perfectly for all the working women out there. The simple and lightweight one strand bracelets look amazing with watches and stack bracelets. It can blend with anything, be it your corporate attire or your casual look. With this around your wrist, your style game will never be compromised. 

2) Infinity Mangalsutra
Forget the long and heavy traditional design of
mangalsutras, it is time to upgrade. Wish for a long and healthy life of your hubby and express the bond of infinity to your husband with the infinity mangalsutra design

3) Necklace Mangalsutra

There is a huge variety in necklace mangalsutra this year. Let us begin with the Choker mangalsutra. This is inspired by the Rajasthani culture. The string in this type of mangalsutra is handmade and richness is added with black and gold beads giving it an ethnic look. Another trending design is the Gemstone mangalsutra. This is the best pick for those who give importance to horoscope and birthstones for their well-being. Let your mangalsutra shine with the likes of a ruby, emerald or pearl.


4) Single Diamond Mangalsutra
These days brides refrain from wearing heavy jewelry and are mostly inclined towards something subtle yet stylish. A single diamond
mangalsutra is one such piece of jewelry that can help them look glamorous on their special day.

Inspiration from Bollywood Brides

1) Sonam Kapoor
mangalsutra was specially designed by the bride herself, which turned many heads. It has zodiac signs of herself and her hubby Anand Ahuja. Hers being Gemini(on the left) and His being Leo(on the right). These two sign symbols are complimented by a solitaire diamond which completes the look.



With these trends picking up, something known as detachable mangalsutra is also gaining popularity. They provide 3-in-1 utility to the brides. The mangalsutra can be detached and worn as a bracelet, the pendant can be paired with a single gold chain or the pendant can be detached from the mangalsutra and it can be worn alone. This makes it wearable almost everywhere be it a wedding or some casual dinner with your family. 
So keep the above ideas in mind and you will no longer have to worry about wearing
mangalsutras out of compulsion. Switch to the above designs and let your style shine. Keep reading plushvie blog for more such trending ideas in jewelry and fashion.

6 Comment(s)


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