Raksha Bhandhan: Gratifying the Unconditional Bond of Brother and Sister:

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The Festival to celebrate the bond of brother and sister- Raksha Bandhan is very special in everyone’s life. Sisters excitingly choose the best rakhi for their brothers and brothers to plan the best gift for their sisters. This relationship revolves around fun, love, teasing, hate, and mix of all the sweetest emotions in this world. 


But do you know what makes this even more special? The sweet stories of every sibling. We have a similar story for you where you will realize how jewellery made this day special.


This was the First time he was celebrating Raksha Bandhan with her sister as he got a job in town. And she was really sad.


Mother, will bhaiya visit us this year?” Disha asks her mother.


I don’t think so as it’s the starting of his career and he might not get any off.” Mother replied with a sad voice.


Disha went into her room and started crying. She started remembering all the moments they spent together, all the Raksha Bandhan days they have spent together.


Actually, they fought before he was leaving for his job. Since then, they haven’t conversed normally. She was thinking that when his bhaiya will visit her, she will hug him and say sorry for everything. But now it’s almost impossible.


She realized that she has to stay alone this year. She was in her room and her mother visited her.

Disha? Are you Okay? Don’t be sad. You can tie the Rakhi on Lord Krishna’s wrist and he will protect your Rishabh from all bad things”.


No, I don’t want to. If Bhaiya will visit us then only I will celebrate Raksha Bandhan, otherwise, I will not tie Rakhi on anyone’s hand. I will simply count it as a regular day.” Disha Replied to her mother.


They both become miserable. 


The Raksha Bandhan was in two days and they can’t even ask Rishabh to visit them. He is really hardworking and after his father’s death, he has to look after his family. Taking an off and visiting the family will be very difficult.


And that’s why they can’t even call him. 


Next day, they were just sitting and their phone rang, it was Rishabh.


Mother picked up the call. “Hi beta, how are you? It’s been a long time since you have called us. Is everything fine?” Mother said.


Calm down mummy. Everything is alright. I was just missing you both. Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan and I was missing Disha. How is she?” Rishabh Replied.


She is not fine. As you can’t visit her she is very sad and decided to not celebrate the Day.” Mother sadly replied.


Where is she? I want to talk to her.” Rishabh insisted.


She went to college. I will ask her to call you whenever she will reach home. By the way, where are you? What kind of sound is that?” Mother asks curiously.


Actually, I am in……..” And Rishabh’s phone’s battery was dead.


The mother thought that he must be in his office and there must be some signal issues.


Disha came back from her college and her mother told her that Rishabh wants to have a conversation with you. She was so sad that she decided not to call him.


This year, she ordered a special silver rakhi for his brother. She knew that it will help her to make their bond stronger, but Rishabh was so busy that he was unable to visit her.


She had her food and went to her bad, deciding tomorrow as a regular day.


So it was the day, and Mother wakes up at 6 in the morning to visit the temple. She opened the door and noticed that someone is coming towards her home. She thought that she was daydreaming and started closing her door.


And just after that, she heard a voice- Mummy? How are you? Aren’t you happy to see me? It was Rishabh.


She was in shock and immediately she hugged him. After all, it’s been so many months since she has met his son. She brings him into the house and told him everything about Disha’s feeling.


Actually, she was still sleeping, so mother and Rishabh decided to surprise her. 



Disha woke up on her regular timing and started getting ready for her college. Once she came out, she saw a gift lying on her bed.


She opened it and it was a diamond pendant set. She was curious to know who brought it, so she shouted

“Mummy? Where are you? See what I have found in my room”. She got no reply and she got tensed.


She ran outside her room to check what is happening and shocked to see that her brother is sitting on the sofa and the whole drawing room is decorated with flowers.


“How was the surprise?” Rishabh asked Disha happily.


She started crying and hugged his brother. She was so happy.



And this is how she tied the Silver Rakhi on his brother’s wrist and celebrated Raksha Bandhan in a special manner. The Brother-Sister bond is just like this, where they fight a lot with each other, but still, their love is unconditional. 




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