What your choice of jewelry says about you?

Posted by Plushvie 27/09/2017 2 Comment(s)

Here's what your choice of jewelry says about you!


Jewelry and embellishments are not just prominent forms of accessories, but they are a part of who you are. Just like our choices and preferences shape our overall identities, the jewelry you choose to wear is a reflection of your inner personality as well as psychological traits.

When it comes to jewelry, every woman has a mélange of choices and options to choose from. Your choice of jewelry is enough to provide a sneak peek into your personality as well as emotional traits. Here's what we, at Plushvie have to say about your choice of jewelry!


The Zesty Lady


If you have a thing for minimal and sleek accessories and prefer wearing lightweight and simpler forms of ornaments, then this one's for you!

You are an ambitious and focused person who loves simplicity in every form. Your mental approach is more driven towards calmness, and you are passionate about what you do in life. You like to have a defined level for yourself and prioritizing is what makes you the wonderful person that you are.





Radiant Bay's Classic Circle Diamond Stud Earrings in White Gold



The Enchantress


Do you have a penchant for cocktail rings and gemstones? Do you love to wear those abstract pendants and colorful bracelets?

You are the enchantress in every form. You have what it takes to carry off vibrant and edgy accessories. You can slay the boldest looks with utmost ease, and you love to get adored while doing so! You like to try out everything new, and experimenting is what you live for.





Arkina Diamond's Charming Oversized Pendant in 14 K Gold


The Desi Diva


If traditional and ornate creations of jewelry are what makes your heart pound, then you are the Desi Diva! From looking as delicate as a princess in pearl toned creations to looking as gorgeous as a Bollywood actress in oversized Jhumkis, you know how to add an essence of charm to your look. Drama and Romance are probably your favorite genres of movie, and a preppy Salwar and Kurti are your favorite outfit. Oxidized jewelry is your go-to look and danglers look stunning on you. You are bubbly and earthy at the same time.





ISKI USKI Chandrika diamond Jhumkas


At Plushvie, we understand women the way they want to be recognized. Our range of beauteously crafted jewels has one thing in common, unmatched design and elegance. They say that elegance is the only form of beauty which never fades. No matter what your preferences or likes are, we will always have something in a store that you'll like!


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2 Comment(s)

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I really like the traditional look – the Poppy necklace is gorgeous. It seems very versatile, and I love jewelry that can be matched with a number of different outfits!

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